Frequently Asked Questions

I want to publish a book with MDPI. Who should I contact?
To begin your submission, please get in touch with the MDPI Books Coordinator by e-mail: . Please do not forget to send the Book Proposal Form along with your submission.
What does it cost to publish a book with MDPI and when does the fee need to be paid?
MDPI charges a book processing charge (BPC) at the beginning of the publication process. Please click here for more information.
My institution is part of the MDPI Institutional Open Access Program (IOAP). Does this IOAP also apply to MDPI Books? How can I find out if my institute is included on the MDPI IOAP list?
Yes, IOAP associated authors receive a 10% discount on the BPCs. For more information and a full list of participants, please visit the MDPI IOAP page.
What peer-review process do MDPI Books receive?
All MDPI books receive the same peer-review process as MDPI manuscripts for online publishing. Please see the MDPI Editorial Process for more information.
What types of books do you publish?
MDPI publishes high quality monographs, edited books, proceedings, doctoral theses and Special Issue Reprints. We accept single-authored/edited books, as well as books with multiple authors/editors. However the decision for publication is based on our publishing model of high quality scientific works in the field of academic publication.
What formats do you offer for my book publication?
Your book will be published in full open access and is freely available on the MDPI Books platform. Additionally we give the opportunity to convert your book to an EPUB format, and for our customers who want to order a hard copy, we provide a print-on-demand service.
How does the printed version look?
We publish printed books in hardcover or softcover. We offer color printing on high quality paper in 244 x 170 mm (6.69 x 9.61 in) format with a matte laminated cover.
Can I include videos, images or sound files?
Conference slides, video sequences, software, etc., can be included with the submission and published as supplementary online material.
Which languages do you accept for publication?
MDPI books are generally published in English. If you wish to publish your manuscript in another language, please contact us.
Under what copyright laws will my work be published?
Generally all content is open access under the terms of the CC BY-NC-ND license, which means authors will retain copyright of their work.
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