Special Issue Reprints

MDPI provides the possibility to publish Special Issues in book format. A printed version, as well as a digital version, will be provided. The digital version will be freely accessible in the MDPI Books library. It will also be communicated on the website of the respective Special Issue.

We provide a high quality print-on-demand service, which allows authors to print as many copies as they require with minimal investment (production costs + shipping). Special Issue Reprints will also be available on several distribution platforms.

We offer high quality paper in 244 x 170 mm (6.69 x 9.61 in) format and matte color laminated cover. Please note that we have strict guidelines regarding cover images: No cover images can be accepted to ensure a coherent design aesthetic. Preface/biographical notes, etc., are more than welcome in order to add extra value to the book.

If you are a Guest Editor of a SI with MDPI and want to print the Special Issue, please contact .

How to order article reprints?

Please visit the respective article page and click on “Order Reprints” on the left hand side of the page.

  • Entanglements
    Manuela Rossini
    Estimated release:
    May 2018
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