Section: Bioactives and Nutraceuticals

Bioactive Phenolics and Polyphenols 2018 (Editors: Luis Cisneros-Zevallos, Daniel Jacobo-Velazquez)
Bioactive Phytochemicals and Functional Food Ingredients in Fruits and Vegetables 2017 (Editors: Maurizio Battino, Francesca Giampieri)
Effective Mechanisms of Plant Bioactive Essential Fats and Oils (Editors: Vincenzo De Feo, Laura De Martino, Carmen Formisano)
Melanins and Melanogenesis: From Nature to Applications (Editors: Alessandra Napolitano, Shosuke Ito)
Molecular Transformations of Natural Products (Editors: Vladimír Křen, Maria Lourdes Gómez-Gómez)
Natural and Semi-Synthetic Small Molecules in Drug Discovery (Editor: David Pereira)
Natural Bioactives and Phytochemicals in Cancer Prevention (Editor: Shun-Fa Yang)
Nutraceuticals in Human Health and Disease (Editor: Leticia Estevinho)
Olive Bioactives, Nutraceuticals and Health (Editors: Nicola A. Uccella, Syed Haris Omar , Ganapathy Sivakumar)
Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Health and Disease: New Knowledge (Editors: Gabriella Calviello, Simona Serini)
Peptides for Health Benefits (Editors: Blanca Hernandez-Ledesma, Cristina Martínez-Villaluenga)
Selected Papers from 3-ISPMF, 3rd International Symposium on Phytochemicals in Medicine and Food (Kunming, 2018) (Editors: Jianbo Xiao, Miron Anca, Yongliang Zhuang)
The Mechanism of Action of Food Components in Disease Prevention 2017 (Editor: Gopinadhan Paliyath)
The Molecular Aspect of Natural Secondary Metabolite Products in Health and Disease (Editor: Toshio Morikawa)
Vitamin D and Human Health (Editor: Michal Zmijewski)

Section: Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Adaptation to Chronic Hypoxia: The Last Word Has Not yet Been Said (Editors: Michele Samaja, Giuseppina Milano)
Adipose Stem Cells (Editors: Barbara Zavan, Adriano Piatelli, Giovanna Iezzi)
Advances in Biological Functions of STAT3 (Editor: Valeria Poli)
Amino Acids Transport and Metabolism (Editors: Cesare Indiveri, Mariafrancesca Scalise)
AMP-Activated Protein Kinase Signalling (Editors: Dietbert Neumann, Benoit Viollet)
Antidepressants and Mood Stabilizers: Novel Research Avenues and Recent Evidence-Based Clinical Insights (Editors: Domenico De Berardis, Michele Fornaro)
Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor in Biology and Toxicology (Editor: Charlotte Esser)
B Cells and Immunological Tolerance (Editors: Marcos López-Hoyos, Ramón Merino)
Biofilm Formation (Editor: Martin Welch)
Calcium Binding Proteins (Editor: Masatoshi Maki)
Cell and Molecular Biology of Pancreatic Disorders (Editors: Jaya Padmanabhan, Srikumar Chellappan)
Cell Colonization in Scaffolds (Editor: Sun Tao)
Cell Growth Regulation (Editor: Andrew R. Tee)
Cell Reprogramming (Editor: Ssang-Goo Cho)
cGMP-Signalling in Cells: Molecular and Functional Features (Editor: Jens Schlossmann)
Cholesterol and Lipoprotein Metabolism (Editor: Bart De Geest)
Cytochromes P450: Drug Metabolism and Bioactivation (Editors: Patrick M. Dansette, S. Cyrus Khojasteh, Donglu Zhang)
Dietary Fibre: New Insights on Biochemistry and Health Benefits (Editors: Philip J. Harris, Jan Willem van der Kamp)
DNA Methylation (Editors: Reinhard Dammann, Alexander Dobrovic)
DNA Replication Stress (Editor: Robert M. Brosh Jr)
Epigenetics of Neurodevelopmental Disorders (Editor: Takeo Kubota)
Fluorescent Proteins (Editors: Dominique Bourgeois, Hideaki Mizuno)
Gene Therapy (Editor: Bart De Geest)
Genetic and Molecular Bases of the Circadian Rhythms in Drosophila melanogaster (Editor: Ralf Stanewsky)
Genome Editing 2018 (Editor: Izuho Hatada)
Glycan–Receptor Interaction 2017 (Editor: Cheorl-Ho Kim)
Glycosylation and Glycoproteins 2017 (Editors: Patricia Berninsone, Joe Tiralongo)
Glyoxalase System in Health and Disease 2017 (Editor: Casper Schalkwijk)
Growth Hormone: Therapeutic Possibilities (Editors: Steve Harvey, Carlos Martinez-Moreno)
Hedgehog Signaling (Editor: Maria Domenica Castellone)
Host-Microbe Interaction 2018 (Editors: Luis V. Lopez-Llorca, Federico Lopez-Moya)
Immunosenescence and Related Processes (Editor: Monica De la Fuente)
Inflammation and Cancer 2018 (Editors: Michihiro Mutoh, Takuji Tanaka, Masahito Shimizu)
Interplay of Connexins and Pannexins in Tissue Function and Disease: A Special Issue from the 18th International Gap Junction Conference (Glasgow, 2017) (Editors: Brenda R. Kwak, Patricia Martin)
Intrinsically Disordered Proteins in the Norm and Pathology: In-Silico Perspective (Editors: Lukasz Kurgan, Vladimir N. Uversky)
Ion Channel and Ion-Related Signaling (Editors: Susumu Ohya, Katsuhiko Muraki)
Ion Transporters and Channels in Physiology and Pathophysiology (Editors: Yoshinori Marunaka, Akiyuki Taruno)
Macrophages in Inflammation (Editors: Andrij Holian, Christopher Migliaccio, Mary Gulumian)
Membrane Fusion (Editor: Yeon-Kyun Shin)
Metabolomics in the Plant Sciences 2017 (Editors: Marcello Iriti, Ute Roessner)
Microbial Enzymes (Editor: Arnold L. Demain)
Molecular and Cellular Interactions in Biliary Tree Development, Diseases and Cancer (Editors: Luca Fabris, Carlo Spirli, Joachim Mertens)
Molecular Biology of Nuclear Receptors (Editors: Akira Sugawara, Makoto Makishima)
Molecular Chaperones (Editor: Hideaki Itoh)
Molecular Control of Organelle Shape and Identity in the Endomembrane System (Editor: Jeremy Simpson)
Molecular Entomology of Insects of Economic Importance (Editor: T. G. Emyr Davies)
Molecular Pathways of Estrogen Receptor Action (Editor: Farzad Pakdel)
Molecular Recognition of Carbohydrates (Editors: Francisco Cañada, Jesus Jimenez-Barbero)
Molecular Research of Epidermal Stem Cells 2017 (Editor: Miroslav Blumenberg)
Neuron Cell Death (Editors: Adalberto Merighi, Laura Lossi)
Neutrophil: Regulation of Functional Activation and Survival (Editor: Seiichi Kitagawa)
New Advances in Human Vaccine (Editor: Chang Won Choi)
Non-Coding RNAs and Epigenetics in Cancer & Selected Papers from the 2nd International Symposium on Frontiers in Molecular Science (Editor: Thomas Schmittgen)
Nuclear Lipid Signaling (Editors: Lucio Cocco, Irene Faenza)
Oxidative Stress and Damage in the Space Environment: Physiological Ground and Flight Parallels (Editors: Melpo Christofidou-Solomidou, Thomas Goodwin)
Pain and Inflammation (Editor: Irmgard Tegeder)
Photosynthesis (Editor: Matteo Ballottari)
Plant Microbe Interaction 2017 (Editors: Jan Schirawski, Michael H. Perlin)
PPARs in Cellular and Whole Body Energy Metabolism (Editors: Walter Wahli, Rachel Tee)
Pre-mRNA Splicing 2017 (Editor: Akila Mayeda)
Risk Factors and Molecular Mechanisms of Gestational Diabetes (Editor: Vernon W. Dolinsky)
Role of Telomeres and Telomerase in Cancer and Aging (Editor: Gabriele Saretzki)
Roles of Cardiovascular Active Substances and Cellular Events in the Homeostasis of Cardiovascular Systems (Editors: Hideyuki Yamawaki, Takayuki Matsumoto)
Signaling Pathway of Immune Cells and Immune Disorder (Editor: Naozumi Ishimaru)
Signaling Promiscuity of PI3K (Editor: Reinhard Wetzker)
Single Cell Technology (Editors: Tuhin Santra, Fan-Gang Tseng)
Small GTPases (Editor: Takaya Satoh)
Spleen: Crossroad between Immune System, Metabolic Asset and Endocrine Function (Editor: Giovanni Tarantino)
Targeting Cancer through RNA Biology (Editor: Michael Ladomery)
TGF-Beta Super Family Signaling (Editor: Jun-ichi Hanai)
The Interleukins in Health and Disease (Editors: Tadamitsu Kishimoto, Masashi Narazaki)
Transcriptional Regulation in Lipid Metabolism (Editors: Yoshimi Nakagawa, Hitoshi Shimano)
Translational Chemistry: From a Single Molecule to Biological Research (Editors: Carlos Lodeiro, Jose Luis Capelo, Hugo Santos, Elisabete Oliveira)
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (Editor: Kurt Ballmer-Hofer)

Section: Bioinorganic Chemistry

A Commemorative Issue in Honor of Professor Nick Hadjiliadis: Metal Complex Interactions with Nucleic Acids and/or DNA (Editors: Sotiris Hadjikakou, Christina N. Banti)
Metallomics: Recent Advances in Analytical and Biological Sciences of Semimetals/Metalloids (Editors: Yasumitsu Ogra, Ph.D., Takafumi Hirata, DSc)
Platinum-Based Anti-Tumor Drugs (Editor: Patrick J. Bednarski)

Section: Biomaterial Sciences

Advanced Biomaterials for Food Edible Coatings (Editors: Raffaele Porta, C. Valeria L. Giosafatto)
Chitins 2018 (Editor: Hitoshi Sashiwa)
Current Trends in Metallic Biomaterials: From Additive Manufacturing to Bio-functilozation, Infection-Prevention, and Beyond (Editor: Amir A. Zadpoor)
Ionic Liquids 2018 and Selected Papers from ILMAT IV (Editors: Andreas Taubert, Peter Hesemann, Oscar Cabeza Gras, Luis Miguel Varela Cabo, Elena López Lago)
Molecular Research on Dental Materials and Biomaterials 2018 (Editor: Ihtesham ur Rehman)
Molecular Signaling and Nanobiotechnology: Prospects for Future Antimicrobial Therapy (Editors: Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu, Alina Holban)
Nano/Micro-Assisted Regenerative Medicine (Editor: Soo-Hong Lee)
Nanoparticle Deposition on Walls—Its Mechanism, Control, and Effect Evaluation (Editor: Manabu Shimada)
Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery (Editors: Joan Estelrich, Maria Antònia Busquets)
New P-Conjugated Oligomers for Organic Electronics (Editors: Mihai Irimia-Vladu, John G. Hardy)
Novel Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering 2017 (Editor: Emmanuel Stratakis)
Nucleic Acid Nanotechnology (Editors: Bernard Yurke, Reza Zadegan)
Polymeric Systems as Antimicrobial or Antifouling Agents (Editors: Antonella Piozzi, Iolanda Francolini)
Smart Polymers for Biomedical Applications (Editor: Mitsuhiro Ebara)
Synthesis and Applications of Biopolymer Composites (Editor: Ana María Díez-Pascual)
Translating Gold Nanoparticles to Diagnostics and Therapeutics (Editor: Pedro Viana Baptista)

Section: Molecular Botany

Calcium Signals in Plant Cells (Editor: Marc Knight)
Chloroplast (Editor: Bartolome Sabater)
Phytohormones and Their Crosstalk during Plant Growth, Development and Environmental Stress Adaptation (Editors: Lam-Son Phan Tran, Mohammad Golam Mostofa)
Plant Cell Wall Proteins and Development (Editors: Elisabeth Jamet, Christophe Dunand)
Plant Defense Genes Against Biotic Stresses (Editor: Isabel Díaz)
Plant Innate Immunity 2.0 (Editor: Marcello Iriti)
Plant Mitochondria (Editor: Nicolas L. Taylor)
Plant Viruses and Virus-Induced Diseases (Editors: Miguel A. Aranda, Yongliang Zhang)
Plant-Insect Interactions 2018 (Editors: Massimo Maffei, Francesca Barbero)
Plant–Fungal Interactions (Editor: Dilip Shah)
Plasma-Membrane Transport (Editors: Sergey Shabala, Vadim V. Demidchik, Igor Pottosin)

Section: Molecular Toxicology

Advances in the Research of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (Editor: Hideko Sone)
Bacterial Protein Toxins: Enemies within or Unexpected Friends (Editors: Carla Fiorentini, Alessia Fabbri)
Frontiers in Drug Toxicity Prediction (Editor: Dale Johnson)
Nanotoxicology and Nanosafety (Editors: Ivo Iavicoli, Paul Schulte)
The Day Break of Hormesis (Editors: Hideaki Itoh, Heiichiro Udono)
Traditional Medicine – Unraveling Its Molecular Mechanism (Editor: Guido Haenen)

Section: Molecular Pathology, Diagnostics, and Therapeutics

Alterations to Signalling Pathways in Cancer Cells 2018 (Editor: Terrence Piva)
Animal Models of Melanoma (Editors: Andrzej Slominski, Marcus W. Bosenberg, David M. Kaetzel)
Annexins—Closing the Gap between Fundamental and Translational Research (Editors: Ursula Rescher, Thomas Grewal)
Apoptosis and Autophagy: The Double Edge in Cancer Development and Progression (Editors: Michele Caraglia, Maria Luisa Balestrieri)
Biological Basis of Musculoskeletal Regeneration (Editors: Britt Wildemann, Franka Klatte-Schulz)
Bone Marrow Induced Drug Resistance in Multiple Myeloma (Editor: Eline Menu)
Calcium Signaling in Human Health and Diseases (Editor: Francesco Moccia)
Cancer-Driver G Protein-Coupled Receptors as Therapeutic Targets (Editors: Rachel Bar-Shavit, Morley D. Hollenberg)
Cell and Molecular Biology of Thyroid Disorders (Editor: Daniela Gabriele Grimm)
Cell Lineage Choice During Haematopoiesis: A Commemorative Issue in Honor of Professor Antonius Rolink (Editors: Geoffrey Brown, Rhodri Ceredig)
Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T Cell Therapy (Editor: William Cho)
Current Advances in Soft Tissue and Bone Sarcoma (Editors: Subbaya Subramanian, Eugenie S. Kleinerman)
Deciphering the Human Microbiota: Methods and Impact on Human Health (Editors: Pierre-Edouard Fournier, Jean-Christophe Lagier)
Diabetic Retinopathy: Mechanisms underlying Pathophysiology and Therapies (Editor: Peter Koulen)
Diagnostic, Prognostic and Predictive Biological Markers in Bladder Cancer – Illumination of a Vision (Editors: Thorsten Ecke, Thomas Otto)
Disease Modeling Using Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (Editors: Luisa Barzon, Marta Trevisan)
Drosophila Model and Human Disease (Editor: Beat Suter)
Extracellular Matrix in Development and Disease
Free Radicals and Oxidants in Pathogenesis (Editors: Haobo Li, Zhengyuan Xia)
Gynecologic Oncology: From Molecular Mechanisms to Targeted Therapies 2018 (Editor: Kwong-Kwok Wong)
Head and Neck Cancers: Diagnostic, Prognostic and Predictive Biomarkers (Editor: Stefania Staibano)
Helicobacter pylori Research (Editors: Yoshio Yamaoka, Ming-Shiang Wu)
Hepatitis Virus Infection and Molecular Research 2018 (Editors: Tatsuo Kanda, Kazushige Nirei)
Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF) (Editors: Eiichi Gohda, Hirohito Tsubouchi)
Hepatotoxicity: Molecular Mechanisms and Pathophysiology (Editor: Rolf Teschke)
Hormones-Dependent Cancers: New Aspects on Biochemistry and Molecular Pathology (Editor: Yasuhiro Miki)
Human Polyomaviruses and Papillomaviruses (Editor: Ugo Moens)
IGFs in Health and Disease (Editor: Ignacio Torres Aleman)
Induction and Regulation of Autoimmunity (Editor: Kamal Moudgil)
Inflammaging and Oxidative Stress in Aging and Age-Related Disorders (Editor: Daniela Monti)
Inflammatory Skin Conditions 2017 (Editor: Chris Jackson)
Insulin Receptor in Diseases (Editor: Carolyn M. Ecelbarger)
Involvement of Connexin Hemichannels in the Inflammatory Response of Chronic Diseases (Editors: Juan Carlos Saez, Colin Richard Green)
Mechanisms of Disease in Sjögren Syndrome (Editors: Cintia S De Paiva, Stephen C. Pflugfelder)
Mechanisms of Platelet Thrombus Formation (Editor: Denise Jackson)
Mesothelioma Heterogeneity: Potential Mechanisms (Editor: Emanuela Felley-Bosco)
Metformin: Mechanism and Application (Editor: Jolanta Weaver)
MicroRNA as Biomarkers in Cancer Diagnostics and Therapy (Editors: Lorenzo F. Sempere, William Cho)
Mitochondria Crosstalks with other Organelles in Pathophysiology (Editors: Patricia Renard, Michel Jadot, Thierry Arnould)
Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Aging and Age-Related Disorders (Editor: Vladimir Titorenko)
Molecular Features Distinguishing Gastric Cancer Subtypes (Editor: Valli De Re)
Molecular Features of Lysosomal Storage Disorders (Editor: Ritva Tikkanen)
Molecular Mechanism of Alzheimer's Disease (Editor: Ian Macreadie)
Molecular Mechanism of Infectious Disease (Editor: Toshio Hattori)
Molecular Pharmacology and Pathology of Strokes (Editor: Joen-Rong Sheu)
Molecular Research of Endometrial Pathophysiology (Editors: Paola Viganò, Andrea Romano)
Molecular Research on Chronic Venous Disease (Editors: Ferdinando Mannello, Daniela Ligi)
Molecular Research on Neurodegenerative Diseases (Editors: Cesar Borlongan, Eleonora Napoli)
mTOR in Human Diseases (Editor: Olivier Dormond)
Musculoskeletal Diseases Therapy (Editors: Charles J. Malemud, Alexander Remels)
Nanomedicine/Molecular Medicine and Papers from MicroTAS 2017 Conference (Editors: Tuhin Santra, Fan-Gang Tseng)
Nanotechnology in Cancer Treatment (Editors: Steve N. Fiering, Robert Ivkov)
Nanotherapeutics Targeted to Tumor Microenvironment (Editor: Biana Godin)
Natural Killer T (NKT) Cells (Editor: Ingo Schmidt-Wolf)
Neurological Injuries’ Monitoring, Tracking and Treatment 2017 (Editor: Xiaofeng Jia)
New Innovations in Wound Healing and Repair (Editor: Allison Cowin)
NF-κB and Cancer (Editor: Sanjay K. Srivastava)
Nutrigenomics of Risk Factors for Disease 2018 (Editor: Marica Bakovic)
Oral Cancer—Diagnosis and Therapeutics (Editor: Lorenzo Muzio)
Ovarian Cancer: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Treatment (Editors: Laura Gatti, Giovanni Luca Beretta)
Oxidative Stress in Cardiovascular Disease 2018 (Editors: Lorenza Speranza, Sara Franceschelli)
Partnership of Radiotherapy and Immunotherapy (Editors: Udo S. Gaipl, Benjamin Frey)
Pathomechanisms of Atherosclerosis (Editor: Michael Henein)
Peripheral Nerve Regeneration: From Bench to Bedside 2017 (Editor: Xiaofeng Jia)
Platelet Preparations in Tissue Regeneration (Editor: Luigi F. Rodella)
Protease and Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors and Their Roles in Pathological Processes (Editor: Claudiu T. Supuran)
Purinergic Signalling in Cancer and Inflammation (Editor: Karen Dwyer)
Rare Diseases: Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Strategies (Editors: Maria Cubellis, Lidia Larizza)
Receptor-Targeted Cancer Therapy (Editor: Donald J. Buchsbaum)
Research of Pathogenesis and Novel Therapeutics in Arthritis (Editor: Chih-Hsin Tang)
Role of Genomics in the Management of Hypertension (Editors: Paolo Mulatero, Silvia Monticone)
Role of NADPH Oxidase on Neuron Death or on Neurogenesis (Editor: Sang Won Suh)
Selected Papers from Immunotherapies for Infectious Diseases Conference (I4ID) (Lyon 2017) (Editors: Patrick Lécine, Guillaume Desoubeaux)
Sex Hormone Receptor Signals in Human Malignancies (Editor: Hiroshi Miyamoto)
Sirtuins and Epigenetics in Aging and Diseases (Editors: Michele Caraglia, Maria Luisa Balestrieri)
Tau Function and Dysfunctional Tauopathies (Editors: Jesús Avila, Félix Hernández)
The (Microbiota)–Gut–Brain Axis: Hype or Revolution? (Editor: Lukas Van Oudenhove)
The 20th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Scaffolding Function of the Sodium Pump by Dr. Zijian Xie (Editors: Joseph I. Shapiro, V. Gustavo Blanco)
The Innate-Adaptive Interface in IgE-Dependent Mucosal Immunity (Editors: Clive Robinson, Geoffrey Stewart)
The Neuromuscular Synapse in Health and Disease (Editor: David Beeson)
The Role of MicroRNAs in Human Diseases (Editors: Elisabetta Ferretti, Pankaj Trivedi)
Therapeutic Strategies to Spinal Cord Injury (Editor: Pavla Jendelova)
Translational Diagnostics in Lymphoproliferative and Plasma Cell Disorders (Editors: John F. Seymour, Piers A. Blombery)
Translational Research in Colorectal Cancer (Editors: Emanuela Scarpi, Paola Ulivi, Alessandro Passardi)
Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) (Editor: Daniela Basso)
Tumor Targeting Therapy and Selective Killing 2018 (Editor: Hsueh-Wei Chang)
Vascular Endothelial Cells (Editors: Toshiyuki Kaji, Yasuyuki Fujiwara)

Section: Molecular Biophysics

Advances and Challenges in Biomolecular Radiation Research (Editor: Michael Hausmann)
Amyloid Fibrils and Methods for Their Study (Editors: Konstantin K. Turoverov, Irina M. Kuznetsova)
Atomic Force Microscopy for Biological Applications (Editors: Georg E. Fantner, Haig Alexander Eskandarian)
Biophysical Properties of Membranes (Editor: Parkson Chong)
Biophysics of Human Genetic Diseases: Understanding Molecular Effects of Mutations (Editor: Emil Alexov)
Computational Studies of Structure-Dynamics-Function Relationships in Biomolecules (Editors: Tatyana Karabencheva-Christova, Christo Christov)
Drug-Protein Interactions and Mechanisms of Action by Structural Modifications Driving Protein Function (Editors: Jack A. Tuszynski, Marco A. Deriu)
Functionally Relevant Macromolecular Interactions of Disordered Proteins (Editor: Istvan Simon)
Transcriptional Regulation: Molecules, Involved Mechanisms and Misregulation (Editors: Amelia Casamassimi, Alfredo Ciccodicola)

Not assigned to a section