Section: Bioactives and Nutraceuticals

Bioactive Phenolics and Polyphenols 2017 (Editors: Luis Cisneros-Zevallos, Daniel Jacobo-Velazquez)
Bioactive Phytochemicals and Functional Food Ingredients in Fruits and Vegetables 2017 (Editors: Maurizio Battino, Francesca Giampieri)
Effective Mechanisms of Plant Bioactive Essential Fats and Oils (Editors: Vincenzo De Feo, Laura De Martino, Carmen Formisano)
Melanins and Melanogenesis: From Nature to Applications (Editors: Alessandra Napolitano, Shosuke Ito)
Molecular Transformations of Natural Products (Editors: Vladimír Křen, Maria Lourdes Gómez-Gómez)
Natural and Semi-Synthetic Molecules in Drug Discovery (Editor: David Pereira)
Natural Anti-Inflammatory Agents (Editors: Paula Andrade, Patrícia Valentão)
Natural Bioactives and Phytochemicals in Cancer Prevention (Editor: Shun-Fa Yang)
Nutraceuticals in Human Health and Disease (Editor: Leticia Estevinho)
Selected Papers from 3-ISPMF, 3rd International Symposium on Phytochemicals in Medicine and Food (Kunming, 2018) (Editors: Jianbo Xiao, Miron Anca, Yongliang Zhuang)
The Beneficial Effects of Plant Oil on Human Health (Editor: Gérard Lizard)
The Mechanism of Action of Food Components in Disease Prevention 2017 (Editor: Gopinadhan Paliyath)
The Molecular Aspect of Natural Secondary Metabolite Products in Health and Disease (Editor: Toshio Morikawa)

Section: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Adaptation to Chronic Hypoxia: The Last Word Has Not yet Been Said (Editors: Michele Samaja, Giuseppina Milano)
Adipokines (Editor: Christa Buechler)
Advances in Proteomic Research for the Characterization of Bioactive Molecules (Editor: Dutertre Sebastien)
Amino Acids Transport and Metabolism (Editors: Cesare Indiveri, Mariafrancesca Scalise)
Antidepressants and Mood Stabilizers: Novel Research Avenues and Recent Evidence-Based Clinical Insights (Editors: Domenico De Berardis, Michele Fornaro)
Aptamers (Editors: Julian Alexander Tanner, Andrew Kinghorn, Yee-Wai Cheung)
Aquaporins: Water Channels Essential for Living Organisms (Editor: Christine Delporte)
Autophagy at the Intersection of the Immune System and Cancer (Editor: Julian Lum)
Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (Editor: Guiting Lin)
Cancer Stem Cells (Editors: Hiroyuki Tomita, Masahito Shimizu, Takuji Tanaka)
Cell Growth Regulation (Editor: Andrew R. Tee)
cGMP-Signalling in Cells: Molecular and Functional Features (Editor: Jens Schlossmann)
Chemical and Molecular Approach to Tumor Metastases (Editor: Gianni Sava)
Dietary Fibre: New Insights on Biochemistry and Health Benefits (Editor: Philip J. Harris)
DNA Methylation (Editors: Reinhard Dammann, Alexander Dobrovic)
Exploring the Genotype–Phenotype Map to Explain Complex Traits (Editor: Klaus Wimmers)
Fluorescent Proteins (Editors: Dominique Bourgeois, Hideaki Mizuno)
Gene-Diet Interactions in Chronic Diseases (Editors: Lynnette Ferguson, Virginia Parslow)
Genome Editing 2017 (Editor: Izuho Hatada)
Glucan: New Perspectives on Biochemistry and Application (Editor: Vaclav Vetvicka)
Glycan–Receptor Interaction 2017 (Editor: Cheorl-Ho Kim)
Glyoxalase System in Health and Disease 2017 (Editor: Casper Schalkwijk)
Host-Microbe Interaction 2017 (Editors: Luis V. Lopez-Llorca, Federico Lopez-Moya)
Immobilization of Microorganisms and Enzymes (Editors: Jose Guisan, Javier Rocha-Martin)
Intrinsically Disordered Proteins in the Norm and Pathology: In-Silico Perspective (Editors: Lukasz Kurgan, Vladimir N. Uversky)
Ion Transporters and Channels in Physiology and Pathophysiology (Editors: Yoshinori Marunaka, Akiyuki Taruno)
Ischemic Heart Disease: From Bench to Bedside (Editors: Francesco Fedele, William Chilian)
Kinase Signal Transduction 2017 (Editor: Atsushi Matsuzawa)
Laser Application in Life Sciences 2017 (Editor: Herbert Schneckenburger)
Lipopolysaccharides (LPSs) (Editor: Juan M. Tomás)
Macrophages in Inflammation (Editors: Andrij Holian, Christopher Migliaccio, Mary Gulumian)
Major Histocompatibility Complex (Editor: Jukka Partanen)
Membrane Fusion (Editor: Yeon-Kyun Shin)
Metabolomics in the Plant Sciences 2017 (Editors: Marcello Iriti, Ute Roessner)
Microtubule-Targeting Agents (Editors: John H. Miller, Susan Mooberry)
Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Circadian Rhythms (Editor: Irina Zhdanova)
Molecular Chaperones (Editor: Hideaki Itoh)
Molecular Entomology of Insects of Economic Importance (Editor: T. G. Emyr Davies)
Molecular Mechanisms and Pathophysiology of Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury (Editor: Joan Rosello-Catafau)
Molecular Pathways of Estrogen Receptor Action (Editor: Farzad Pakdel)
Molecular Research of Epidermal Stem Cells 2017 (Editor: Miroslav Blumenberg)
Neuronal Protein Homeostasis in Health and Disease (Editor: Irmgard Tegeder)
Neutrophil: Regulation of Functional Activation and Survival (Editor: Seiichi Kitagawa)
New Advances in Human Vaccine (Editor: Chang Won Choi)
Nrf2 in Redox Signaling: A Double Edged Sword (Editor: Andreas von Knethen)
Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Health and Disease: New Knowledge (Editors: Gabriella Calviello, Simona Serini)
Optogenetic Approaches in Neuroscience (Editor: Thomas Knöpfel)
Pain and Inflammation (Editor: Irmgard Tegeder)
Photosynthesis (Editor: Matteo Ballottari)
Plant Microbe Interaction 2017 (Editors: Jan Schirawski, Michael H. Perlin)
Pre-mRNA Splicing 2017 (Editor: Akila Mayeda)
Recent Advances in Scar Biology (Editor: Rei Ogawa)
Recombinant Proteins (Editors: Karen A. McDonald, Somen Nandi)
Role and Application of Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Regenerative Medicine (Editors: Adriano Piatelli, Barbara Zavan)
Role of Telomeres and Telomerase in Cancer and Aging (Editor: Gabriele Saretzki)
Roles of Cardiovascular Active Substances and Cellular Events in the Homeostasis of Cardiovascular Systems (Editors: Hideyuki Yamawaki, Takayuki Matsumoto)
Selected Papers from 2017 Health Informatics Conference (ChongqingBioinfo2017) (Editors: Quan Zou, Le Zhang)
Selected Papers from the 2nd International Symposium on Frontiers in Molecular Science: Non-Coding RNAs and Epigenetics in Cancer (Editor: Thomas Schmittgen)
Special Protein Molecules Computational Identification (Editor: Quan Zou)
Sphingolipids: Signals and Disease (Editor: Burkhard Kleuser)
Stem Cell Research (Editor: Maurizio Muraca)
T Cell Signaling and Autoimmunity (Editor: Naozumi Ishimaru)
Targeting Cancer through RNA Biology (Editor: Michael Ladomery)
The Lignin Challenge: Exploring Innovative Applications (Editors: Araceli García, Luis Serrano, Vladimír Křen)
Transcriptome Profiling in Human Diseases (Editor: Alfredo Ciccodicola)
Tumor Microenvironment (Editor: Naofumi Mukaida)
Virus Comparative Genomics (Editor: Patrick C.Y. Woo)
Vitamin D and Its Analogues: New Insights on Biological Effects and Therapeutic Uses (Editors: George P. Studzinski, Ewa Marcinkowska, Michael Danilenko)

Section: Bioinorganic Chemistry

Metallomics: Recent Advances in Analytical and Biological Sciences of Semimetals/Metalloids (Editors: Yasumitsu Ogra, Ph.D., Takafumi Hirata, DSc)
Zinc Signaling in Physiology and Pathogenesis (Editors: Toshiyuki Fukada, Taiho Kambe)

Section: Biomaterial Sciences

Advanced Biomaterials for Food Edible Coatings (Editors: Raffaele Porta, C. Valeria L. Giosafatto)
Biofilm Formation (Editor: Martin Welch)
Current Trends in Metallic Biomaterials: From Additive Manufacturing to Bio-functilozation, Infection-Prevention, and Beyond (Editor: Amir A. Zadpoor)
Melanin Based Functional Materials (Editor: Marco d'Ischia)
Nano/Micro-Assisted Regenerative Medicine (Editor: Soo-Hong Lee)
Nanoparticle Deposition on Walls—Its Mechanism, Control, and Effect Evaluation (Editor: Manabu Shimada)
Novel Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering 2017 (Editor: Emmanuel Stratakis)
Three-dimensional (3D) Bioprinting of Tissues and Organs (Editor: Mohamed Rahaman)

Section: Molecular Botany

Abiotic Stress and Gene Networks in Plants 2017 (Editor: Hikmet Budak)
Auxin (Editors: Jürgen Kleine-Vehn, Stéphanie Robert)
Chloroplast (Editor: Bartolome Sabater)
Molecular Mechanisms in Plant Senescence (Editor: Gopinadhan Paliyath)
Plant Defense Genes Against Biotic Stresses (Editor: Isabel Díaz)
Plant Mitochondria (Editor: Nicolas L. Taylor)
Plasma-Membrane Transport (Editors: Sergey Shabala, Vadim V. Demidchik, Igor Pottosin)
Selected Papers from the 6th National Plant Protein Research Congress (Editors: Yikun He, Xuchu Wang, Shaojun Dai)

Section: Molecular Toxicology

Advances in the Research of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (Editor: Hideko Sone)
Nanotoxicology and Nanosafety (Editors: Ivo Iavicoli, Paul Schulte)

Section: Molecular Pathology, Diagnostics, and Therapeutics

Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease 2017 (Editor: Alan Parrish)
Advances in Clinical and Experimental Hepatotoxicity (Editor: Rolf Teschke)
Advances in Multiple Sclerosis 2017 (Editors: Christoph Kleinschnitz, Sven Meuth)
Angiogenesis and Anti-Angiogenesis in Oncology: From Bench to Translational Research and Bedside Investigation (Editor: Girolamo Ranieri)
Animal Models of Melanoma (Editors: Andrzej Slominski, Marcus W. Bosenberg, David M. Kaetzel)
Annexins—Closing the Gap between Fundamental and Translational Research (Editors: Ursula Rescher, Thomas Grewal)
Basal Cell Carcinoma (Editors: Ketty Peris, Alessandro Di Stefani)
Blood–Brain Barrier in CNS Injury and Repair (Editors: Hari Sharma, Aruna Sharma)
Bone Metastasis: Pathophysiology and Molecular Mechanisms (Editor: Ingunn Holen)
Calcium Signaling in Human Health and Diseases (Editor: Francesco Moccia)
Cancer-Driver G Protein-Coupled Receptors as Therapeutic Targets (Editors: Rachel Bar-Shavit, Morley D. Hollenberg)
Cell and Molecular Biology of Thyroid Disorders (Editor: Daniela Gabriele Grimm)
Cell-cell Interactions in Blood Vessels (Editor: Richard L. Hoover)
Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism (Editor: Kuniaki Ogasawara)
Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T Cell Therapy (Editor: William Cho)
Commemorative Issue in Honor of Professor Uwe Heinemann: Metabolic Epilepsies (Editor: Wolfram Kunz)
Current Advances in Soft Tissue and Bone Sarcoma (Editors: Subbaya Subramanian, Eugenie S. Kleinerman)
Deciphering the Human Microbiota: Methods and Impact on Human Health (Editors: Pierre-Edouard Fournier, Jean-Christophe Lagier)
Diabetic Retinopathy: Mechanisms underlying Pathophysiology and Therapies (Editor: Peter Koulen)
Dissecting Mechanisms of Action of Biologics in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (Editors: Silvio Danese, Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet, Clelia Cicerone)
DNA Injury and Repair Systems (Editor: Guillermo T. Sáez)
DNA Topoisomerases (Editors: Caroline Austin, Ian Cowell)
Extracellular Matrix in Development and Disease
Free Radicals and Oxidants in Pathogenesis (Editors: Haobo Li, Zhengyuan Xia)
Galectins in Cancer and Translational Medicine (Editor: Armando Bartolazzi)
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: It Is More than Just Heartburn (Editor: Marco G. Patti)
Genetic Basis of Fibrinogen Disorders (Editor: Rosanna Asselta)
Glioma Cell Invasion (Editors: Geoffrey Pilkington, Helen Fillmore)
hCG—An Endocrine, Regulator of Gestation and Cancer (Editor: Udo Jeschke)
Hormones-Dependent Cancers: New Aspects on Biochemistry and Molecular Pathology (Editor: Yasuhiro Miki)
Human Polyomaviruses and Papillomaviruses (Editor: Ugo Moens)
IGFs in Health and Disease (Editor: Ignacio Torres Aleman)
Induction and Regulation of Autoimmunity (Editor: Kamal Moudgil)
Inflammaging and Oxidative Stress in Aging and Age-Related Disorders (Editor: Daniela Monti)
Inflammatory Skin Conditions 2017 (Editor: Chris Jackson)
Inhaled Pollutants Modulate Respiratory and Systemic Diseases (Editors: Paul Reynolds, Benjamin Bikman)
Integrins and Human Pathologies (Editors: Anthony Lemarié, Sylvie Monferran)
Lung Diseases: Chronic Respiratory Infections (Editor: Francesco Blasi)
Mechanisms of Platelet Thrombus Formation (Editor: Denise Jackson)
Mesothelioma Heterogeneity: Potential Mechanisms (Editor: Emanuela Felley-Bosco)
Microglia in Aging and Neurodegenerative Disease (Editors: Jillian Nissen, Styliani-Anna Tsirka)
Molecular Epidemiology of Respiratory Viruses: Surveillance, Phylogenetics and Evolution (Editors: Hsin-Fu Liu, Jih-Hui Lin)
Molecular Features Distinguishing Gastric Cancer Subtypes (Editor: Valli De Re)
Molecular Mechanism of Infectious Disease (Editor: Toshio Hattori)
Molecular Mechanisms of Brain Remodeling in Response to Aging and Injuries (Editor: Aurel Popa-Wagner)
Molecular Mechanisms of Host Range and Pathogenicity of Influenza Viruses (Editors: Mikhail Matrosovich, Hans-Dieter Klenk)
Molecular Pharmacology and Pathology of Strokes (Editor: Joen-Rong Sheu)
Molecular Research of Emerging Viruses: Viral Evolution, Diagnostics and Pathogenesis and Therapeutics (Editor: Susanna Lau)
Molecular Research on Chronic Venous Disease (Editors: Ferdinando Mannello, Daniela Ligi)
Molecular Research on Urology (Editors: Jack Schalken, Natasha Kyprianou)
Nanotherapeutics Targeted to Tumor Microenvironment (Editor: Biana Godin)
Natural Killer (NK) Cells
Natural Killer T (NKT) Cells (Editor: Ingo Schmidt-Wolf)
Neurological Injuries’ Monitoring, Tracking and Treatment 2017 (Editor: Xiaofeng Jia)
Neuroprotective Strategies 2017 (Editor: Katalin Prokai-Tatrai)
NF-κB and Cancer (Editor: Sanjay K. Srivastava)
Oral Cancer—Diagnosis and Therapeutics (Editor: Lorenzo Muzio)
Oxidative Stress and Space Biology: An Organ-Based Approach (Editors: Melpo Christofidou-Solomidou, Thomas Goodwin)
Oxidative Stress in Vascular Diseases (Editor: Neal Weintraub)
Pathomechanisms of Atherosclerosis (Editor: Michael Henein)
Peripheral Nerve Regeneration: From Bench to Bedside 2017 (Editor: Xiaofeng Jia)
Physiological and Pathological Roles of ABC Transporters (Editor: Markus Frank)
Psoriasis (Editors: Giampiero Girolomoni, Paolo Gisondi)
Rare Diseases: Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Strategies (Editors: Maria Cubellis, Lidia Larizza)
Regulation of Chemokine-Receptor Interactions and Functions (Editor: Martin Stone)
Research of Pathogenesis and Novel Therapeutics in Arthritis (Editor: Chih-Hsin Tang)
Retinal Diseases: Bridging Basic and Clinical Research (Editors: Claudio Bucolo, Chiara Eandi)
Role of the Hypothalamo–Pituitary–Adrenal (HPA) Axis in Health and Disease (Editor: Sharon DeMorrow)
Sepsis (Editors: Tsukasa Nakamura, Eiichi Sato)
Sex Hormone Receptor Signals in Human Malignancies (Editor: Hiroshi Miyamoto)
Single Cell Technology (Editors: Tuhin Santra, Fan-Gang Tseng)
Targeting Immune Checkpoints and Immunotherapy (Editor: William Cho)
TGF-beta Family in Fibrosis and Cancer (Editor: Isabel Fabregat)
Thalassemia in 2017 (Editors: Aurelio Maggio, Khaled Musallam, Ali Taher, Antonis Kattamis)
The Biology and Treatment of Myeloid Leukaemias (Editors: Geoffrey Brown, Ewa Marcinkowska)
The Neuromuscular Synapse in Health and Disease (Editor: David Beeson)
Therapeutic Strategies to Spinal Cord Injury (Editor: Pavla Jendelova)
Translational Diagnostics in Lymphoproliferative and Plasma Cell Disorders (Editors: John F. Seymour, Piers A. Blombery)
Tumor Targeting Therapy and Selective Killing (Editor: Hsueh-Wei Chang)

Not assigned to a section