Section: Coordination Chemistry

Coordination Chemistry of Silicon (Editor: Shigeyoshi Inoue)
Spin-Crossover Complexes (Editor: Kazuyuki Takahashi)

Section: Inorganic Solid-State Chemistry

Cerium-based Materials for Energy Conversion (Editors: Ulrich F. Vogt, Paolo Fornasiero)
Functional Materials Based on Metal Hydrides (Editors: Torben Jensen, Hai-Wen Li, Min Zhu, Craig Buckley)
Inorganic Nanoclusters: Advances in Understanding Structure and Properties (Editors: Stefan Bromley, Scott Woodley)

Section: Bioinorganic Chemistry

Tumor Inhibiting Metal Complexes (Editors: Wolfgang Weigand, Luigi Messori)

Section: Organometallic Chemistry

Revealing Reaction Mechanisms in Homogeneous Transition Metal Catalysis (Editors: Axel Klein, Bernd GoldfuƟ, Jarl Ivar van der Vlugt)
s-Block Metal Complexes (Editor: Matthias Westerhausen)

Not assigned to a section