Interactions between Food Security and Land Use in the Context of Global Change (Editor: William McConnell)
Land System Science (Editor: Richard Aspinall)
Land Use and Global Value Chains (Editor: Ximena Rueda Fajardo)
Land, Environment, and Policy (Editors: Chuanrong Zhang, Mark Boyer, Weidong Li, Shougeng Hu, Mingkai Qu)
The Impact of Land Use Change on Water Resources, Soil and Landforms: Perspectives from Multiple Climates (Editors: Tammo Steenhuis, Paolo Tarolli, Saskia Keesstra, Artemi Cerdà)
Understanding the Patterns, Drivers and Consequences of Agricultural Land Use Change and Land-Use Intensity (Editors: Fabian Löw, Alexander Prishchepov, Florian Schierhorn)
Urban Land Systems: An Ecosystems Perspective (Editors: Andrew Millington, Harini Nagendra, Monika Kopecka)
Wildland Fires (Editors: Alistair Smith, James Lutz, Chad Hoffman, Grant Williamson, Andrew Hudak)