Section: Life Sciences

Approaches toward Artificial Cell Construction and Applications (Editor: Norikazu Ichihashi)
Developmental Biology in Cyanobacteria (Editors: Antonia Herrero Moreno, Enrique Flores García)
Evolution of Mutualistic Symbiosis (Editors: Amparo Latorre, Rosario Gil)
Synthetic Biology: From Living Computers to Terraformation (Editor: Ricard Solé)
Themed Issue Commemorating Prof. David Deamer's 80th Birthday (Editor: Bruce Damer)

Section: Chemistry

Conditions on the Early Earth >3.5Gy: Limitations for the Sources/Stability of Prebiotic Compounds and the Prebiotic/Biotic Transition (Editor: Jeffrey Bada)
The Origin and Early Evolution of Life: Prebiotic Chemistry of Biomolecules (Editor: Michele Fiore)

Not assigned to a section

Analytical Chemistry in Astrobiology (Editor: Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin)
Minerals and Origins of Life (Editors: Jean-Francois Lambert, Maguy Jaber)
Systems Protobiology: Origin of Life by Mutually Catalytic Networks (Editor: Doron Lancet)
The Origin of Chirality in Life (Chiral Symmetry Breaking) (Editor: Josep M. Ribó)