Section: Gut Microbiota

Gut Bacteria-Mucus Interaction (Editor: Nathalie Juge)
Microbiome Gut Brain Axis (Editor: Carl Gordon Johnston)
Multi-omics for Microbiomes (Editor: Martin von Bergen)
Pathogenesis of Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli (Editor: Stephanie Schüller)

Section: Environmental Microbiology

Anaerobic Microorganisms in Mars (Editor: Felipe Gómez)
Metabolic Diversity of Anaerobic Microbial Communities (Editor: Sabine Kleinsteuber)
Soil and Plant Microbiomes (Editor: Carmine Crecchio)
Subsurface Geomicrobiology (Editor: Ricardo Amils)
Thermophiles and Thermozymes (Editor: María-Isabel González-Siso)
Towards Integrated Multi-omics Analyses of Environmental Microbiota (Editor: Nico Jehmlich)
Toxic Cyanobacteria and Toxic Dinoflagellates (Editors: Jussi Meriluoto, Anke Kremp)

Not assigned to a section

Staphylococcus aureus Infection and Antimicrobial Resistance (Editor: Joan Geoghegan)
Actinobacteria and Myxobacteria—Important Resources for Novel Antibiotics (Editor: Joachim Wink)
Antimicrobial Proteins in Filamentous Fungi (Editors: Florentine Marx-Ladurner, László Galgóczy)
Bacterial Vaccine Informatics (Editor: Yongqun "Oliver" He)
Diagnosing Antimicrobial Resistance and Health Care Associated Infections (Editors: John W.A. Rossen, Silvia Garcia Cobos, Natacha Couto)
Human Pathogenic Filamentous Fungi from Food/Water and Mycotoxins from Water (Editors: R. Russell M. Paterson , Nelson Lima, Ida Skaar)
Recombinant Protein Expression in Microorganisms (Editors: Trygve Brautaset, Svein Valla)