Section: Religions and Social Sciences

Growing Apart: Religious Reflection on the Rise of Economic Inequality (Editors: Kate Ward, Kenneth Himes)
Religion and the New Technologies (Editor: Noreen Herzfeld)

Section: Historical Studies of Religions

Late Medieval Christianity: Religious Cultures, Heresies, and Orthodoxies (Editor: J. Patrick Hornbeck II)
Transcendentalism and the Religious Experience (Editors: Kenneth Sacks, Daniel Koch)

Section: Philosophical and Theological Studies

Perspectives on Reincarnation: Hindu, Christian, and Scientific (Editor: Jeffery D. Long)

Not assigned to a section

Body in the Bible (Editor: Yudit K. Greenberg)
Ethnography and Theology (Editor: Todd D. Whitmore)
Inward Being and Outward Identity: The Orthodox Churches in the 21st Century (Editor: John Jillions)
Music: Its Theologies and Spiritualities—A Global Perspective (Editor: Edward Foley)
Religion and Genocide (Editor: Steven Jacobs)
Religion and Mental Health Outcomes (Editor: Xiaohe Xu)
Teaching the Reformations (Editor: Christopher Metress)
The Public Face of Death: Mapping the Social Impact of Religious Beliefs (Editor: Angela Sumegi)
The Society for Tantric Studies Proceedings (2016) (Editors: Glen A. Hayes, Sthaneshwar Timalsina)