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17–20 April 2018 Annual European Rheology Conference 2018 (AERC 2018)

Sorrento, Italy

We invite you to the joint Annual European Rheology Conference (AERC) and XV Meeting of the Italian Society of Rheology - SIR in Sorrento, Italy, 17-20 April 2018. We aim at organising a meeting for rheologists from all scientific fields, from academy to industry and government laboratories in a friendly, informal atmosphere to discuss and share ideas. The Italian Society of Rheology (SIR) meetings are organized biannually all around Italy and provide a welcoming environment, which makes the conferences an excellent platform for networking with old and new colleagues, including the newcomers to the field.

13–16 May 2018 MELPRO 2018


International conference focused on membrane and electromembrane processes,
where industrial leaders and world-class scientists identify and tackle current issues.

TOPICS AND STUDENT AWARDS Focus of the conference will be on following topics

  • New membrane materials and new trends
  • Gas and vapor separation
  • Pressure driven membrane processes
  • Electrochemical membrane processes
  • Membrane systems in water treatment, biotechnology and biomedical applications
  • Membrane operations in process engineering
  • Modelling and simulation of membrane systems
  • General session and new trends

20–24 May 2018 EUPOC2018

Como, Italy

EUPOC 2018 aims to provide an ideal forum for researchers to exchange and share innovative ideas on biomimetic polymers with rationally designed molecular recognition and response properties. The conference will cover fundamental aspects of molecular recognition, high efficiency bioconjugation, molecular imprinting, and novel strategies in synthetic design and nano-fabrication of multifunctional materials. Invited presentations will be given by leading experts from both academic and industrial settings.

EUPOC 2018 will cover the following topics:
• Molecular recognition polymers by rational/computational design
• Biomimetic polymers through (bio)chemical conjugation
• Traditional and modern methods of molecular imprinting
• Biomimetic polymers for sensing, affinity separation and catalysis
• Biomimetic polymers for drug delivery, imaging, detection of biomacromolecules and cells
• Imprinted polyelectrolyte films, nanostructures and nanomaterials
• Switchable and multifunctional biomimetic polymers

9–13 July 2018 2nd Summer School on Complex Fluid-Flows in Microfluidics

Porto, Portugal

On behalf of the organizers, we would like to warmly invite you to attend the 2nd Summer School on Complex Fluid-Flows in Microfluidics to be held in Porto, Portugal during 9–13 July 2018. The second edition of the Summer School on Complex Fluid-Flows in Microfluidics will be held at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto from 9th to 13th July 2018.

The first edition was rather international and we sold out the 40 tickets available before reaching the deadline for registrations. So you better be quick if you want to get your seat next July 2018!

This course intends to provide cutting-edge knowledge on complex fluid-flow at microscale, from experimental and numerical perspectives during 5 days (6h/day), covering the following blocks/units:

  • 09/07/2018 - Complex fluids and rheometry at microscale
  • 10/07/2018 - Microfabrication techniques of microfluidics devices
  • 11/07/2018 - Fluid-Flow characterization in microfluidics
  • 12/07/2018 - Numerical simulations of complex fluid-flows at microscales
  • 13/07/2018 - Numerical optimization in microfluidics

Despite the program is not yet available in full detail, as we are still waiting for the confirmation of some speakers, we can confirm that each day will be fully dedicated to each unit, providing lectures during the morning sessions (3h) and lab-sessions after lunch (3h).

In this edition, lunches are included with the registration fee, as well as coffee breaks and 2 books:

Looking forward to meeting you in Porto next Summer."

6–8 August 2018 6th International Symposium on Sensor Science (I3S 2018) and 4th SPINTECH Technology Thesis Award

Kenting, Taiwan

Sensors are vital components of smart manufacturing, artificial Intelligence, Cyber–Physical System (CPS) and Internet of Things (IoT) for industry 4.0. For more advanced creations, biologists, engineers, physicists and chemists are all endeavoring to provide innovative technical sensors. This year, 2018, the well-known journal, Sensors, is going to hold the international conference in Kenting, which is located in the south of Taiwan—taking place in Asia for the first time. I3S embraces all professionals from industry, academia and government to discuss the latest developments and breakthroughs of sensor technology and related subjects. During the conference, attendees, from a range of research areas, will all gather together to share different aspects and establish new mutually beneficial collaborations across different fields.

We sincerely look forward to your participation in I3S2018.

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