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10–13 April 2017 Non-Markovianity and Strong Coupling Effects in Thermodynamics

Bad Honnef, Germany

The goal of the workshop is to bring together experts from both communities in order to explore how thermodynamic and other fundamental laws govern the behaviour of small scale systems beyond the weak-coupling and Markovian approximation. This requires us to investigate questions of fundamental interest, but is also of vital practical interest in a world of growing power demand and increased (nano-) technological abilities.

A precise definition of strong coupling and non-Markovianity for open (quantum) systems. A meaningful definition of fundamental thermodynamic quantities (heat, work, internal energy, entropy, etc.) in the strong coupling and non-Markovian regime. Efficient theoretical methods to compute the (thermo) dynamics of open (quantum) systems. Finding and formulating the laws of thermodynamics as well as additional constraints beyond them. Extending the "average" framework to single, fluctuating trajectories in view of (quantum) stochastic thermodynamics. Presenting and analysing particular systems suitable for experimental implementation. The conference banner is attached.


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