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This section publishes original scientific research describing the molecular actions of synthetic and natural chemicals and drugs in animals, humans, or appropriate in vitro models. Contributions should emphasize molecular approaches aimed at increasing our understanding of the mechanisms of toxic chemical action on biological systems. Systems-wide studies that utilize physiological, biochemical, genomic, epigenetic and/or cellular biological approaches to toxicology are welcome. Translational studies that employ molecular methods to enhance our understanding of human health risk assessment are also of interest. Novel methods-based articles are also within the scope of this section.


toxicology; xenobiotics; endobiotics; animals; humans, other organisms; age; gender; genetic toxicology; chemical metabolism; in vivo; in vitro; molecular biology; systems biology; translational studies; epigenetics; toxicogenomics; food safety; environmental carcinogenesis; pollutants; chemoprevention

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