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Additives for Lubricants
(Editors: James E. Krzanowski, Boris Zhmud)
20 November 2013 8
Breakdown of Rolling and Sliding Tribological Contacts
(Editors: John A. Williams, Huirong Le)
31 August 2016
Friction and Lubricants Related to Human Bodies
(Editors: Ille C. Gebeshuber, George van Aken)
31 August 2015 6
Friction and Lubrication of Bearings
(Editors: Romeo P. Glovnea, Michel Fillon)
30 October 2014 15
Green Tribology
(Editor: Robert J. K. Wood)
31 May 2016
Lubricating Greases
(Editors: José M. Franco, Jesús F. Arteaga)
31 August 2015 6
Nanoparticles and Ionic Liquids in Lubrication
(Editors: Antolin Hernández Battez, Rubén González Rodríguez)
31 March 2016 7
Numerical Simulation of Static and Dynamic Friction
(Editor: Jeffrey L. Streator)
31 October 2014 4
Tribofilms and Solid Lubrication
(Editors: Werner Oesterle, Ga Zhang)
29 February 2016 5
Tribological Performance of Artificial Joints
(Editors: Amir Kamali, J. Philippe Kretzer)
28 February 2015 12
Tribology and Design
(Editors: Mark Hadfield, Rehan Ahmed)
31 August 2016
Tribology of Ceramic Materials
(Editors: Gobinda Saha, Iyas Khader)
30 April 2016
Wear Testing of Biomaterials
(Editor: Thomas J. Joyce)
31 July 2016
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