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Past Events: Sponsoring and Exhibition

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Date Event Location Details
28 January 2017
02 February 2017
SPIE Photonics West San Franscico, California, USA
Sponsoring: Booth
Sponsored by: Sensors, Materials, Remote Sensing, Micromachines, Applied Sciences, Biosensors, Computation, Electronics, Technologies, Photonics, J. Imaging and Inventions
16 January 2017
18 January 2017
APE (Academic Publishing in Europe) 2017 Berlin, Germany
Sponsoring: Promotional Material


Date Event Location Details
12 December 2016
16 December 2016
AGU Fall Meeting 2016 Moscone Convention Center 747 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103
Sponsoring: MDPI Booth
Sponsored by: Entropy, Sustainability, Remote Sensing, Atmosphere, Water, Land, Minerals, Geosciences, Environments, Resources, Climate, Aerospace, Hydrology and Infrastructures
20 October 2016
21 October 2016
PUBMET 2016 University of Zadar, Croatia
Sponsoring: Silver Sponsorship
18 October 2016
STM Frankfurt Westin Grand Frankfurt Frankfurt, Germany
Sponsoring: Mid-Morning Break
10 October 2016
11 October 2016
Open Access Days 2016 at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany
Sponsoring: Silver Sponsoring + Booth
03 October 2016
06 October 2016
iPres 2016 Swiss National Library, Bern, Switzerland
Sponsoring: Printed inserts in the conference bag
21 September 2016
22 September 2016
8th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing (COASP) Westin Arlington Gateway, Virginia, USA
Sponsoring: Coffee break
19 September 2016
23 September 2016
Basel Life Science Week Congress Center Basel, Switzerland
Sponsoring: Booth
Sponsored by: Marine Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, Medical Sciences and Healthcare
21 August 2016
25 August 2016
252nd American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, USA
Sponsoring: Booth
Sponsored by: Molecules, Marine Drugs, Materials, Pharmaceuticals, Polymers, Symmetry, Applied Sciences, Membranes, Biomolecules and Metabolites
03 July 2016
08 July 2016
The 16th International Congress on Catalysis (ICC 16) China National Convention Center (CNCC), Beijing, China
Sponsoring: Booth
Sponsored by: Molecules, Energies, Catalysts and Applied Sciences
26 June 2016
29 June 2016
CLINAM 2016 Congress Center Basel, Switzerland
Sponsoring: Booth
Sponsored by: Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceuticals, Cancers, JPM and Biomolecules
07 June 2016
09 June 2016
20th International Conference on Electronic Publishing. Positioning and Power in Academic Publishing: Players, Agents and Agendas Göttingen, Germany
Sponsoring: Bronze Sponsoring
25 May 2016
27 May 2016
Biosensors 2016 26th Anniversary World Congress on Biosensors Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden
Sponsoring: Booth; Delegate bag inserts
Sponsored by: Sensors
19 May 2016
20 May 2016
Open Access Symposium 2016 University of North Texas, Denton, Texas, USA
Sponsoring: Coffee Break
17 May 2016
19 May 2016
Library Publishing Forum 2016 University of North Texas, Denton, Texas, USA
Sponsoring: Silver Sponsor
26 April 2016
28 April 2016
STM Spring Meeting 2016 The National Press Club, Washington DC, USA
Sponsoring: Promotional Material
22 April 2016
SCS Spring Meeting 2016 University of Zurich, Department of Chemistry, Irchel Champus, Zürich
Sponsoring: Booth
Sponsored by: Molecules, IJMS, Marine Drugs, Nanomaterials and Processes
26 January 2016
27 January 2016
2016 Annual EA Conference Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Mainz, Germany
Sponsoring: Promotional Material
17 January 2016
18 January 2016
APE Conference Berlin Berlin
Sponsoring: Co-Sponsorship
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