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Animal Narratology
(Editor: Joela Jacobs)
1 Jan 2017 24
Contemporary Nostalgia
(Editor: Niklas Salmose)
1 Sep 2018
Death, Dying, Near-Death Experiences & Bereavement in the Western World
(Editors: David San Filippo, Anders Karl Gustaf Gustavsson)
15 Oct 2015 5
Decolonizing Trauma Studies: Trauma and Postcolonialism Printed Edition available
(Editor: Sonya Andermahr)
31 Jul 2015 12
Deep Mapping Printed Edition available
(Editor: Les Roberts)
1 Jun 2015 13
Displacement and the Humanities: Manifestos from the Ancient to the Present
(Editors: Elena Isayev, Evan Jewell)
15 Nov 2017 8
Emotions and Affect in the Humanities, Creative Arts, and Performance
(Editor: Peta Tait)
2 May 2016 10
Energy Use and the Humanities
(Editor: Adam W. Sweeting)
15 Jan 2016 6
Environment, Ecology, Climate and ‘Nature’ in 21st Century Scottish Literature
(Editors: Carla Sassi, Graeme Macdonald)
15 Sep 2018
Exploring/Experiencing Culture Through the Digital Humanities
(Editors: Bryan Carter, Tyechia Thompson, Anna Hinton)
31 Dec 2018
Fairy Tale and its Uses in Contemporary New Media and Popular Culture Printed Edition available
(Editor: Claudia Schwabe)
1 Mar 2016 12
Further Explorations Along the Silk Road
(Editor: Geoffrey Kain)
1 May 2018
Gender in Times of Crisis: A Multidisciplinary Conversation
(Editors: Annabel Martín, Han Suh)
28 Feb 2017 10
Geographies of the Beat Generation
(Editor: Hassan Melehy)
1 Aug 2018
Global Indigeneities and the Environment Printed Edition available
(Editors: Karen L Thornber, Tom Havens)
1 Dec 2015 12
Histories of Ethos: World Perspectives on Rhetoric
(Editors: James S. Baumlin, Craig A. Meyer)
31 May 2018
Humanities for the Environment
(Editors: Poul Holm, Ruth Brennan)
15 Aug 2017 10
Humanities in Health Professions Education and Practice
(Editors: Sara Horton-Deutsch, Pamela Ironside)
1 Aug 2015 6
Humanity’s Future
(Editor: Robert G. Bednarik)
31 Jan 2015 11
J. G. Ballard and the Sciences
(Editor: Thomas Knowles)
1 Dec 2018
Joyce, Animals and the Nonhuman
(Editor: Katherine Ebury)
1 Jun 2017 13
Literature and Environment—The Cradle of Ecocriticism
(Editors: Isabel Ponce de Leão, Maria do Carmo Cardoso Mendes , Sérgio Lira )
30 Apr 2018
Negotiating Spaces in Women’s Writing
(Editors: Eleonora Rao, Robert Tally Jr.)
1 Sep 2018
New Encounters between Literature and Philosophy
(Editor: Krzysztof Ziarek)
15 Aug 2014 10
New Encounters Between Philosophy and Literature II
(Editor: Krzysztof Ziarek)
1 Nov 2017 3
Nordic and European Modernisms
(Editor: Jakob Lothe)
1 Oct 2018
Philosophy in the 1900s
(Editor: Leila Haaparanta)
15 Dec 2017 1
Pictures and Conflicts since 1945
(Editors: Jim Aulich, Mary Ikoniadou)
28 Feb 2018 1
Possibilities and Paradoxes of Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Cultural Change
(Editor: Mari Lee Mifsud)
31 May 2018
Race, Politics, and the Humanities in an Age of 'Posts'
(Editor: Myra Mendible)
1 Jun 2016 8
Rape and Trauma
(Editors: Gualtiero Piccinini, Michelle Ciurria)
31 Mar 2018
Re-assessing Human Origins
(Editor: Robert G. Bednarik)
30 Jun 2018
Research ‘Values’ in the Humanities: Funding Policies, Evaluation and Cultural Resources
(Editor: Cinzia Ferrini)
31 Oct 2014 8
Saving the Humanities from the Neoliberal University
(Editor: Ronald Strickland)
30 Apr 2018 5
Spatial Bricolage: Methodological Eclecticism and the Poetics of “Making Do”
(Editor: Les Roberts)
10 Jan 2018 6
The Anatomy of Inscription
(Editor: Hunter Dukes)
15 Aug 2018
The Challenge of Folklore to the Humanities
(Editor: Dan Ben-Amos)
1 Sep 2017 9
The Challenges of the Humanities, Past, Present, and Future - Volume 1
(Editor: Albrecht Classen)
30 Apr 2014 11
The Circles of Contemporary Irish Poetry
(Editor: Tara Stubbs)
1 Mar 2019
The Holocaust in Literature and Film
(Editor: Andrea Reiter)
15 Nov 2017 2
The Legacy of Richard Rorty
(Editor: Neil Gascoigne)
31 Mar 2013 9
The Poetics of Computation
(Editors: Burt Kimmelman, Philip Andrew Klobucar)
31 Mar 2016 11
The Victorian Art of Murder
(Editor: Neil McCaw)
1 May 2018
Transcultural Literary Studies: Politics, Theory, and Literary Analysis Printed Edition available
(Editor: Bernd Fischer)
30 Apr 2016 11
Translation as the Foundation for Humanistic Investigations
(Editor: Albrecht Classen)
28 Feb 2014 6
Wounded: Studies in Literary and Cinematic Trauma
(Editor: Gail Finney)
1 Sep 2017 8
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