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Addressing Sustainable Building Refurbishment: A Journey through Energy Optimization and Structural Retrofit
(Editors: Gerardo Maria Mauro, Costantino Menna)
31 Dec 2017 3
Advancements in Daylighting in Buildings
(Editor: Richard Mistrick)
31 Jan 2015 5
Advances in Discomfort Glare Research
(Editors: Sergio Altomonte, Michael Kent)
30 Jun 2018
Advances in Mass Timber and Timber Hybrid Lateral Load Resisting Systems
(Editor: Tannert Thomas)
30 Jun 2018
Aesthetics and Design Review: Managing Design Outcomes
(Editor: Morten Gjerde)
31 Dec 2017
Application of Renewable Energy Sources in Buildings
(Editors: Henry Abanda, Ernest Acheampong, Kevin Enongene)
30 May 2018
Architectural, Urban and Natural Soundscapes
(Editor: Gary W. Siebein)
28 Feb 2014 6
BIM in Building Lifecycle
(Editor: Tanyel Bulbul)
31 Jul 2015 9
Biomimetics in Sustainable Architectural and Urban Design
(Editor: Maibritt Pedersen Zari)
31 Oct 2016 5
Building Envelope Design and Performance
(Editor: Fitsum Tariku)
30 Apr 2015 5
Building Failures
(Editor: M. Kevin Parfitt)
1 Sep 2012 9
Building Performance Analysis and Simulation
(Editor: Ismet Ugursal)
28 Feb 2014 10
Building Refurbishment and Energy Performance
(Editor: Cinzia Buratti)
30 Nov 2016 7
Building Sustainability Assessment
(Editors: Ricardo Mateus, Luís Bragança)
31 May 2018
Buildings, Design and Climate Change
(Editor: David Dernie)
31 Mar 2015 8
Built Heritage: Conservation vs. Emergencies
(Editors: Stefano Brusaporci, Giuseppe Amoruso)
11 Dec 2017 8
Designing Spaces for City Living
(Editor: Sharon E. Sutton)
15 Jan 2014 5
Development of Steel-Concrete Composite Structures in Buildings
(Editor: Farhad Aslani)
31 May 2018
Earthquake Resistant Buildings
(Editor: Ali M. Memari)
31 Mar 2012 7
Eco-Towers: Technology, Sustainability, and Resilience
(Editor: Kheir Al-Kodmany)
31 May 2015 7
Environmentally Conscious Architecture
(Editors: Ute Poerschke, Susanne Gampfer)
15 Jul 2013 8
Future Directions in Building Information Modeling
(Editors: Milan Radosavljevic, Arto Kiviniemi)
31 May 2014 6
Human Factors in Green Building
(Editor: Zhonghua Gou)
31 Mar 2018 3
Innovative Approaches to Achieving Building Energy Efficiency
(Editor: Zhenjun Ma)
30 Apr 2018 1
Innovative Design, Simulation and Monitoring of Daylighting and PV/Thermal Systems in Buildings
(Editors: Yuehong Su, Gang Pei, Ahmed A. Freewan, Hui Lv, Irfan Ullah, Yupeng Wu)
31 Aug 2017 7
Insulation Materials for Residential Buildings
(Editor: Ambrose Dodoo)
31 May 2017 5
IT in Design, Construction, and Management
(Editors: David Arditi, Ivan Mutis )
31 Dec 2018
Lean Construction
(Editor: Yong-Woo Kim)
31 May 2018
Life-Cycle Energy Analysis of Buildings
(Editor: Elma Durmisevic)
28 Feb 2015 5
Low Carbon Building Design
(Editor: Alice Moncaster)
30 Jun 2014 7
Modelling of Heating and Cooling in Buildings
(Editor: Christopher Underwood)
30 Sep 2016 6
Modern Prefabricated Buildings
(Editors: Tuan Ngo, David Heath)
31 May 2018
Nature-Based Solutions and their Relation to Urban Resilience
(Editors: Steffen Lehmann, Silvio Caputo, Alessandro Melis)
28 Feb 2018 2
Occupant Comfort and Well-Being
(Editor: Joon-Ho Choi)
31 Jul 2018
Real Estate Economics, Management and Investments
(Editors: Pierfrancesco De Paola, Vincenzo Del Giudice)
31 Jul 2017 28
Seismic-Resistant Building Design
(Editor: Ali M. Memari)
30 Jun 2014 8
Selected Papers from 2015 TAU Conference on Mitigating the Built Environments for Climate Change
(Editor: Tri Harso Karyono)
20 Jun 2015 6
Selected Papers from Building A Better New Zealand (BBNZ 2014) Conference Printed Edition available
(Editors: George Baird, Lois Easton, Adrian Bennett)
30 Nov 2014 13
Selected Papers from Sustainable Places 2017 (SP2017) Conference
(Editors: Thomas B. Messervey, Tracey Crosbie)
15 Sep 2017 7
Sustainable Building in Rural Areas
(Editors: Adrian Pitts, Yun Gao)
31 Jul 2016 8
Sustainable Building Materials
(Editors: Nadezda Stevulova, Silvia Vilcekova)
25 Nov 2017 9
Sustainable Buildings: Design for Comfort and Users
(Editor: Adrian Pitts)
30 Sep 2015 8
Sustainable Design and Construction
(Editor: Behzad Sodagar)
30 Nov 2012 12
Sustainable Vertical Urbanism
(Editor: Kheir Al-Kodmany)
30 Jun 2018 2
The Impacts of the Building Environment on Health and Well-Being
(Editors: Derek Clements-Croome, Ann Marie Aguilar, Mallory Taub)
15 Jun 2015 6
Towards Decarbonization in the Building Sector: Innovating Net Zero Energy Buildings
(Editors: Francesco Guarino, Sonia Longo)
31 Mar 2017 8
Traditional and Innovative Approaches in Seismic Design
(Editors: Linda Giresini, Francesca Taddei)
15 Apr 2017 10
Understanding and Improving the Building Fabric Thermal Performance of Existing Dwellings
(Editor: David Johnston)
28 Feb 2018 1
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