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Challenges in Alternative Energy
(Editor: Daniel M. Kammen)
1 Aug 2013 5
Challenges in Astrobiology
(Editors: Vera M. Kolb, Jesus Martinez-Frias)
30 May 2014 12
Challenges in Chemical Processes
(Editors: Volker Hessel, Timothy Noël)
31 Jan 2016 5
Challenges in City Design: Realize the Value of Cities
(Editor: Kongjian Yu)
31 Aug 2011 5
Challenges in New Technologies for Security
(Editors: Antonio Palucci, Francesco Saverio Romolo)
31 Oct 2016 6
Electronic Waste — Impact, Policy and Green Design
(Editors: William Bullock, Joy J. Scrogum)
31 Dec 2015 7
Poly ADP ribose polymerases (PARP) and post-translational modifications
(Editors: Palmiro Poltronieri, Mariella Di Girolamo, Masanao Miwa)
28 Feb 2018 2
Selected papers from Thematic Meeting “Materials for Energy”
(Editors: Annalisa Paolone, Lorenzo Ulivi)
31 Jan 2017 7
Using Blockchain Technologies and Automized Digitalization for Data Collection in the Upstream Supply Chain
(Editor: Anders S. G. Andrae)
30 Aug 2018
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