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Advances in Biomimetic Robotics
(Editor: Ikuo Yamamoto)
31 Mar 2014 5
Agriculture Robotics
(Editors: Qin Zhang, Manoj Karkee)
31 Aug 2017 4
Intelligent Robots
(Editors: Genci Capi, Genci Capi)
31 Mar 2013 6
Mechanics, Control, Design, Conceptualization and Fabrication of Soft Robotic Systems
(Editor: Gursel Alici)
31 Jan 2018 3
Medical Robotics and Systems
(Editor: Abhilash Pandya)
15 Nov 2014 5
Medical Robotics: Advances in Training, Ergonomics, Sensing, Control and Other Areas
(Editors: Abhilash Pandya, Luke Reisner)
31 Dec 2017
Representations and Reasoning for Robotics
(Editors: Nicola Bellotto, Nick Hawes, Mohan Sridharan, Daniele Nardi)
28 Feb 2015 6
Robotics and 3D Vision
(Editors: Kah Bin Lim, Chui Chee Kong)
1 Apr 2017 7
Robust and Resilient Robots
(Editor: Wenjun (Chris) Zhang)
30 Apr 2018 2
Underwater Robotics
(Editors: Ingrid Schjølberg, Thor I. Fossen)
15 Nov 2015 5
Vibration Reduction through Reactionless and Control Design for Robotic Mechanisms
(Editors: Dan Zhang, Bin Wei)
31 Oct 2017 1

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