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Submission Deadline
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Adaptive Educational Technology Systems
(Editors: Nguyen-Thinh Le, Jon Mason, Christian Gütl, Kiyoshi Nakabayashi)
31 Jan 2016 6
Agent-Based Modelling of City Systems
(Editors: Koen H. van Dam, Rémy Courdier)
31 Aug 2015 7
Allometric Scaling
(Editors: Paul S. Agutter, Lloyd A. Demetrius, Jack A. Tuszynski)
28 Feb 2014 6
Civil/Environmental Systems Design
(Editor: Royce Francis)
31 May 2018
Complex Adaptive Systems
(Editor: Mirsad Hadzikadic)
15 Dec 2017 1
Complex Social Systems: Theory And Practice
(Editors: Josue Antonio Nescolarde Selva, Hugh Gash, Josep-Lluis Usó-Doménech)
28 Feb 2017 7
Deep Learning and Optimization Techniques for Intelligent Transportation System
(Editors: Chi-Hua Chen, Feng-Jang Hwang, Ming Li, Ting-Huan Kuo)
1 Oct 2018
Dynamic Decision Making in Controlled Experiments
(Editors: Andreas Größler, Hendrik Stouten)
30 Sep 2015 6
Enhancing Sustainable Performance in Organizational and Inter-Institutional Systems
(Editors: Graham Winch, Carmine Bianchi)
31 Oct 2014 5
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
(Editor: Donald Kerr)
15 Dec 2015 7
Governance Change in Organizational and Territorial Systems
(Editor: Gianpaolo Basile)
30 Mar 2018
Health Informatics
(Editor: Donald Kerr)
30 Apr 2018
Modelling of Economic Systems
(Editors: Vladimír Bureš, Lukáš Režný)
15 May 2018
Operations Research: Methods and Applications
(Editors: Elias Olivares-Benitez, Rosa G. González-Ramírez, Eduardo Lalla-Ruiz, Samuel M. Nucamendi-Guillen, Adrián Ramírez-Nafarrate)
31 Jan 2018
Risk Management for Software Intensive Systems
(Editors: Shareeful Islam, Reza Alavi, Michalis Pavlidis )
30 Jun 2018
Second Generation General System Theory: Perspectives in Philosophy and Approaches in Complex Systems Printed Edition available
(Editors: Gianfranco Minati, Eliano Pessa, Ignazio Licata)
31 Dec 2016 10
Service Systems
(Editors: Francesco Polese, Luca Carrubbo, Orlando Troisi)
31 Dec 2016 8
Systems Approaches and Tools for Managing Complexity
(Editors: Nam Nguyen, Constantin Malik, Thanh V. Nguyen, Tuan Ha)
15 May 2017 5
Systems Education for a Sustainable Planet
(Editors: Ockie Bosch, Robert Y. Cavana)
31 Dec 2013 16
Systems Research
(Editors: Shankar Sankaran, Pamela Buckle Henning, Timothy Ferris, Mary C. Edson)
15 Jan 2017 5
Systems Thinking
(Editors: Cliff Whitcomb, Heidi Davidz, Stefan Groesser)
31 Mar 2018
Theory and Practice in System Dynamics Modelling
(Editor: Vladimír Bureš)
28 Feb 2018 2
Towards a Second Generation General System Theory
(Editors: Gianfranco Minati, Eliano Pessa)
31 Jul 2014 9
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