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Adaptive Catchment Management and Reservoir Operation
(Editors: Guangtao Fu, Guangheng Ni, Chi Zhang)
Water Resources Management and Governance 31 Jul 2018 22
Application of the China Meteorological Assimilation Driving Datasets for the SWAT Model (CMADS) in East Asia
(Editors: Hao Wang, Xianyong Meng)
Water Resources Management and Governance 31 Dec 2018 6
Attention and Water Governance: An Agenda-Setting Perspective
(Editors: Jale Tosun, Kerstin Stahl, Ulrike Scherer)
Water Resources Management and Governance 31 Oct 2019
Coastal Resources Economics and Ecosystem Valuation
(Editors: J. Walter Milon, Sergio Alvarez)
Water Resources Management and Governance 28 Feb 2019
Current and Emerging Issues Surrounding Water in the Americas
(Editors: Thomas C. Harmon, Natalia Hoyos)
Water Resources Management and Governance 1 Jul 2018 3
Data-Driven Methods for Agricultural Water Management
(Editors: Long Wang, Dong Wang, Shancheng Jiang, Chao Huang)
Water Resources Management and Governance 31 Oct 2018 8
Digitalisation of Water Management in Agriculture
(Editors: Davide Viaggi, Francesco Galioto, Meri Raggi, Giacomo Zanni)
Water Resources Management and Governance 31 Dec 2018 1
Doing Water Provision, Distribution and Conservation: A Practice-Based Approach to Water Governance
(Editors: Margreet Zwarteveen, Tatiana Acevedo-Guerrero, Klaas Schwartz, Kathryn Furlong)
Water Resources Management and Governance 1 Feb 2019
Economics of Water Resources Management
(Editors: Phoebe Koundouri, Ebun Akinsete)
Water Resources Management and Governance 15 Dec 2018
Effects of Climate Change on Water Resources
(Editors: Xixi Wang, Ruizhong Gao)
Water Resources Management and Governance 31 Dec 2019 1
Governing Integrated Water Resources Management: Mutual Learning and Policy Transfer
(Editors: Oliver Fritsch, David Benson)
Water Resources Management and Governance 15 Nov 2018
Hydroeconomic Analysis for Sustainable Water Management
(Editors: Josue Medellin-Azuara, Guilherme F. Marqes, Amaury Tilmant, Manuel Pulido-Velazquez)
Water Resources Management and Governance 31 Aug 2018 1
Hydrology, Water Resources Management and Protection of the Marine Environment–Selected Papers from the 15th International Conference on Environmental Science And Technology (CEST2017)
(Editors: Athanasios Loukas, Demetris Francis Lekkas, Ilias Pechlivanidis)
Water Resources Management and Governance 25 May 2018 8
Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources in Glacierized Regions
(Editors: Maria Shahgedanova, Igor Severskiy)
Water Resources Management and Governance 20 Dec 2018
Impacts of Landscape Change on Water Resources
(Editor: Manoj K. Jha)
Water Resources Management and Governance 1 Sep 2018 1
Integrated Water Resource System Modeling to Support Sustainable Water Management
(Editors: Elmira Hassanzadeh, Monireh Faramarzi, Ilyas Masih, Ali Mirchi, Marcio Giacomoni, Rebecca Teasley)
Water Resources Management and Governance 31 Mar 2019
Modeling of Water Systems
(Editors: Gordon Huang, Yurui Fan)
Water Resources Management and Governance 30 Apr 2017 32
Practical Strategies for Managing Water Balance and Quality at Open Pit Mines
(Editor: David J. Williams)
Water Resources Management and Governance 30 Apr 2019
Recent Advances in Water Management: Saving, Treatment and Reuse Printed Edition available
(Editors: José Alberto Herrera-Melián, José Alejandro Ortega Méndez)
Water Resources Management and Governance 15 Dec 2017 15
Selected Papers from the 2nd International Electronic Conference on Water Science
(Editors: Maria Filomena Camões, Kevin B. Strychar, Maurizio Barbieri, Enedir Ghisi, Sunny Jiang, Wilhelm Püttmann, Richard C. Smardon)
Water Resources Management and Governance 30 Jun 2018 7
Source Water Protection: State of the Art and Science
(Editor: Robert J. Patrick)
Water Resources Management and Governance 30 Apr 2017 7
Surface-Groundwater Interactions: Modeling and Uncertainty Analysis
(Editors: David Rassam, Mat Gilfedder, Jorge Martinez)
Water Resources Management and Governance 11 Mar 2019
Sustainable Irrigated Agriculture: Crop Water Relations, Soil Management and Smart Irrigation
(Editor: Guy Roth)
Water Resources Management and Governance 31 Dec 2018
Sustainable Water Management in Agriculture under Global Change
(Editors: Maria Blanco, Pilar Martínez)
Water Resources Management and Governance 30 Sep 2018 3
Sustainable Water Management Strategies: Climate Change Induced Disaster Risk Reduction
(Editor: Bert Enserink)
Water Resources Management and Governance 31 Jan 2019
Sustainable Water Management under Global Environmental Change
(Editor: Yongping Wei)
Water Resources Management and Governance 1 Feb 2019
The Future of Water Management in Central Asia
(Editors: Ronny Berndtsson, Kamshat Tussupova)
Water Resources Management and Governance 30 Nov 2018 7
The Nexus of Alpine Glacier Watersheds, Climate Change and Human Activity
(Editor: Mauri Pelto)
Water Resources Management and Governance 29 Oct 2018 1
Transdisciplinarity and Knowledge Co-production: Reflections from Water Governance
(Editors: Gül Özerol , Marcela Brugnach)
Water Resources Management and Governance 30 Apr 2018 4
Understanding Game-based Approaches for Improving Sustainable Water Governance: The Potential of Serious Games to Solve Water Problems
(Editors: Wietske Medema, Chengzi Chew, Jan Franklin Adamowski, Igor Mayer, Arjen Wals)
Water Resources Management and Governance 1 Sep 2018 6
Water Allocation in Rural Area: Economic Influences and Better Management
(Editor: Krishna Paudel)
Water Resources Management and Governance 26 Nov 2018 1
Water Governance: Retheorizing Politics
(Editors: Leila M. Harris, Sameer H. Shah, Nicole J. Wilson)
Water Resources Management and Governance 31 Oct 2018
Water Management Using Drones and Satellites in Agriculture
(Editors: Javier J. Cancela, Xesús P. González, José Manuel Mirás-Avalos, Mar Vilanova)
Water Resources Management and Governance 30 Sep 2018 2
Water Related Disaster and Water Environment Management
(Editors: Pingping Luo, Jingming Hou, Weili Duan, Peng Shi)
Water Resources Management and Governance 31 Mar 2019
Water Stewardship in Mining Regions
(Editors: Neil McIntyre, Nadja Kunz)
Water Resources Management and Governance 31 Jul 2018 4
Advances in Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport: Pushing the Hidden Boundary
(Editors: Hongbin Zhan, Quanrong Wang, Zhang Wen)
Hydrology 31 Jul 2017 12
Advances in Multivariate Analysis of Environmental Phenomena: Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Copulas in Hydrology
(Editors: Gianfausto Salvadori, Carlo De Michele)
Hydrology 30 Sep 2018 7
Applications of Remote Sensing and GIS in Hydrology
(Editors: Frédéric Frappart, Nicolas Baghdadi, Mehrez Zribi, Vincent Hanquiez)
Hydrology 1 Oct 2018 13
Applications of Remote Sensing/GIS in Water Resources and Flooding Risk Managements Printed Edition available
(Editors: Hongjie Xie, Xianwei Wang)
Hydrology 30 Apr 2017 13
Assessment of Current and Future Vulnerability of Flooding with Hydrologic/Hydraulic Modeling and Remote Sensing Techniques
(Editors: Yang Hong, Xinyi Shen, Yaokui Cui)
Hydrology 31 Mar 2018 8
Assessment of Tropical Stream Water Quality and Sediment Transport
(Editor: Ken Evans)
Hydrology 31 Mar 2019
Catchment Modelling
(Editor: James E. Ball)
Hydrology 31 Oct 2018 2
Climate Variability and Climate Change Impacts on Land Surface, Hydrological Processes and Water Management
(Editors: Yongqiang Zhang, Hongxia Li, Paolo Reggiani)
Hydrology 31 Mar 2019 5
Critical Zone Hydrology: Hydrologic and Hydrogeochemical Connectivity between Surface and Subsurface Environments
(Editors: Todd C. Rasmussen, Adam M. Milewski, Paul A. Schroeder)
Hydrology 30 Nov 2018
Effects of Climate Change on the Hydrology and Water Quality of Snow-Dominated Mountainous Environments
(Editors: Graham A. Sexstone, David W. Clow)
Hydrology 28 Feb 2018 9
Enhancing Hydrological Prediction through Modelling with Large Datasets
(Editor: Francis Chiew)
Hydrology 30 Nov 2018 2
Erosion and Torrent Control
(Editor: Panagiotis Stefanidis)
Hydrology 31 Oct 2018 4
Extreme Floods and Droughts under Future Climate Scenarios
(Editors: Momcilo Markus, Ximing Cai, Ryan Sriver)
Hydrology 20 Mar 2019
Flood Forecasting Using Machine Learning Methods
(Editors: Fi-John Chang, Kuolin Hsu, Li-Chiu Chang)
Hydrology 31 Aug 2018 6
Flood Modelling: Regional Flood Estimation and GIS Based Techniques
(Editors: Ataur Rahman, Biswajeet Pradhan, Taha B.M.J. Ouarda)
Hydrology 15 Apr 2019
Flood Risk and Resilience
(Editors: Guangtao Fu, Monica Rivas Casado, Fanlin Meng, Roy Kalawsky)
Hydrology 30 Apr 2019 1
Geospatial Modeling of River Systems
(Editor: Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt)
Hydrology 28 Feb 2017 9
GIS-Based Hydrology and Water Quality Modeling
(Editors: Kyoung Jae Lim, Younghun Jung, Jonggun Kim)
Hydrology 15 Dec 2018 1
Groundwater Resources and Salt Water Intrusion in a Changing Environment
(Editors: Maurizio Polemio, Kristine Walraevens)
Hydrology 30 Sep 2018 5
Heterogeneous Aquifer Modeling: Closing the Gap
(Editor: J. Jaime Gómez-Hernández)
Hydrology 3 Dec 2018 2
Hydrological Impacts of Climate Change and Land Use/Land Cover Change
(Editors: Hua Chen, Jie Chen, Chong-Yu Xu)
Hydrology 16 Nov 2018 1
Hydrological Modelling and Remote Sensing: Selected Papers from the 2017 and 2018 SWAT International Conferences
(Editors: Balaji Narasimhan, Paul Wagner, Claire Baffaut, Mou Leong Tan, Abeyou Wale Worqlul)
Hydrology 15 Apr 2019 7
Hydrological Processes under Environmental Change
(Editors: Martijn J. Booij, Yue-Ping Xu)
Hydrology 30 Nov 2018 1
Impact of Climate on Hydrological Extremes
(Editors: Salvatore Manfreda, Vito Iacobellis, Andrea Gioia, Mauro Fiorentino, Krzysztof Kochanek)
Hydrology 31 Mar 2018 13
Impact of Farmland Abandonment on Water Resources and Soil Conservation
(Editors: Noemí Lana-Renault, Estela Nadal Romero, Erik Cammeraat, José Ángel Llorente)
Hydrology 20 Feb 2019
Impacts of Anthropogenic Activities on Watersheds in a Changing Climate
(Editors: Luís Filipe Sanches Fernandes, Fernando António Leal Pacheco)
Hydrology 24 Apr 2019
Interactions of the Terrestrial Hydrologic, Energy, and Biogeochemical Cycles
(Editors: Stefan Kollet, Clemens Simmer)
Hydrology 30 Sep 2018
Isotopes in Hydrology and Hydrogeology
(Editor: Maurizio Barbieri)
Hydrology 31 Aug 2018 15
Landscapes and Landforms of Terrestrial and Marine Areas
(Editors: Mauro Soldati, Federica Foglini, Mariacristina Prampolini, Alessandra Savini)
Hydrology 31 May 2019
Landslide Hydrology
(Editors: Roy C. Sidle, Roberto Greco, Thom A. Bogaard)
Hydrology 30 Jun 2018 4
Model Uncertainty in Water Science: Conceptualization, Assessment and Communication
(Editors: Rodrigo Rojas, Anneli Guthke)
Hydrology 31 May 2019
Modeling and Practice of Erosion and Sediment Transport under Change
(Editors: Gil Mahe, Hafzullah Aksoy, Mohamed Meddi)
Hydrology 31 Dec 2018 6
Monitoring and Predicting Soil Moisture and Drought Conditions
(Editors: Christoph Rüdiger, Lionel Jarlan, Clément Albergel, Ming Pan)
Hydrology 30 Nov 2018 2
Observing and Monitoring the Subglacial Hydrological Environment in a Changing Climate
(Editors: Andrew Sole, Stephen Livingstone, Jon Hawkings)
Hydrology 1 Jul 2019
Quantifying Uncertainty in Integrated Catchment Studies
(Editors: Franz Tscheikner-Gratl, Vasilis Bellos)
Hydrology 31 Jan 2018 8
Recent Progress in Research on River Deltas
(Editors: Y. Jun Xu, Nina S.-N. Lam, Kam-biu Liu, Zhongyuan Chen)
Hydrology 31 Dec 2018 4
Recent Progress in River Biogeochemistry Research
(Editors: Y. Jun Xu, Laodong Guo, Jerome Gaillardet, Houjie Wang)
Hydrology 31 Oct 2018 6
Remote Sensing and Hydrologic Modeling in Sustainable River Basin Management
(Editors: Yiannis Panagopoulos, Rafael Pimentel, Mehmet Cüneyd Demirel)
Hydrology 31 Oct 2018
Resilience and Sustainability of the Mississippi River Delta as a Coupled Natural-Human System
(Editors: Y. Jun Xu, Nina S.-N. Lam, Kam-biu Liu)
Hydrology 15 Nov 2015 14
Riparian Vegetation in River Functioning
(Editors: Marta González del Tánago, Simon Dufour)
Hydrology 31 May 2019 1
Satellite Application on Support to Water Monitoring and Management
(Editors: Federico Porcù, Ramakar Jha)
Hydrology 1 May 2019 1
Satellite Remote Sensing and Analyses of Climate Variability
(Editors: Gerd Wendler, Gilberto J. Fochesatto)
Hydrology 29 Oct 2018
Sediment Transport in Coastal Waters
(Editor: Sylvain Ouillon)
Hydrology 30 Jun 2017 13
Selected Papers from the 1st International Electronic Conference on the Hydrological Cycle (ChyCle-2017)
(Editors: Raquel Nieto, Luis Gimeno, Jose A. Marengo, Diego Miralles, Sergio M. Vicente Serrano, Ana María Durán‐Quesada)
Hydrology 30 Sep 2018 8
Soil and Water Conservation in Agricultural and Forestry Systems
(Editors: Manuel López-Vicente, Gao-Lin Wu, Lily Pereg)
Hydrology 28 Feb 2019 1
Soil and Water Quality: Transport through Soil
(Editors: José Eugenio López Periago, Marcos Paradelo)
Hydrology 14 Dec 2018
Soil Erosion by Water
(Editor: Panos Panagos)
Hydrology 30 Sep 2018 6
Soil Hydrology in Agriculture
(Editors: Angelo Basile, Antonio Coppola)
Hydrology 30 Oct 2018 3
Soil Water Conservation: Dynamics and Impact
(Editors: Saskia Keesstra, Simone Di Prima, Mirko Castellini, Mario Pirastru)
Hydrology 28 Feb 2018 16
Statistical Analysis and Stochastic Modelling of Hydrological Extremes
(Editor: Hossein Tabari)
Hydrology 30 Sep 2018 3
Study of Lagoons and Other Shallow Water Bodies Through the Application of Numerical Models
(Editors: Georg Umgiesser, Angel Perez-Ruzafa, Artūras Razinkovas-Baziukas)
Hydrology 18 Oct 2018 2
Surface Water Flood Nowcasting/Forecasting and Emergency Response Decision-Making
(Editors: Jie Yin, Jun Wang, Tuo Lin)
Hydrology 31 Dec 2018
The Application of Hydrologic Analysis in Disaster Prevention
(Editors: Wen-Cheng Liu, Josh Tsun-Hua Yang)
Hydrology 31 Dec 2018 2
Tradeoffs among Food Production, Forests, and Water Resources in Tropical Agricultural Frontiers
(Editors: Michael T. Coe, Marcia N. Macedo, Michael Lathuillière)
Hydrology 31 Dec 2018
Urbanization under a Changing Climate – Impacts on Urban Hydrology
(Editors: Jianxun (Jennifer) He, Caterina Valeo, K.S. Kasiviswanathan)
Hydrology 31 Aug 2019
Variability in Mediterranean-Climate Waters: Space, Time, and Intensity
(Editors: G. Mathias Kondolf, Ben Porter)
Hydrology 30 Sep 2017 12
Water and Nutrient Balance, Flow/Loading Dynamics in Forest System
(Editors: Devendra M. Amatya, Jamie E. Nettles, Mohamed Youssef)
Hydrology 31 Jan 2019
Water Flow, Solute and Heat Transfer in Groundwater
(Editor: Alexander Yakirevich)
Hydrology 20 May 2019
Water-Induced Landslides: Prediction and Control
(Editors: Antonello Troncone, Enrico Conte)
Hydrology 22 Dec 2018 4
Watershed Hydrology, Erosion and Sediment Transport Processes
(Editor: Patrick Belmont)
Hydrology 30 Jun 2018 8
Advances in Hydraulics and Hydroinformatics
(Editors: JianGuo Zhou, Jianmin Zhang, Yong Peng, Alistair Borthwick)
Hydraulics 1 Feb 2019
Applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics for Marine and Offshore Engineering
(Editors: Ling Qian, Hanbin Gu, Zhihua Ma)
Hydraulics 15 Jan 2019
Coastal Vulnerability and Mitigation Strategies: From Monitoring to Applied Research
(Editors: Diego Vicinanza, Pasquale Contestabile)
Hydraulics 30 Nov 2018 11
Contested Knowledges: Water Conflicts on Large Dams and Mega- Hydraulic Development
(Editors: Esha Shah, Rutgerd Boelens, Bert Bruins)
Hydraulics 28 Jul 2018
Hydraulic Behavior of Karst Aquifers
(Editors: Francesco Fiorillo, Peter Malik)
Hydraulics 28 Feb 2019
New Challenges in Water Systems
(Editors: Helena M. Ramos, Armando Carravetta, Aonghus McNabola)
Hydraulics 30 Apr 2019 2
Pipeline Fluid Mechanics
(Editors: Mostafa Safdari Shadloo, Ali Bakhshandeh Rostami, Omid Mahian)
Hydraulics 30 Jun 2019
Smart Hydraulics in Wastewater Transport
(Editor: Francois Clemens)
Hydraulics 31 Dec 2018 1
Streambank Erosion: Monitoring, Modeling and Management
(Editors: Garey A. Fox, Celso Castro-Bolinaga)
Hydraulics 31 Jan 2018 14
Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical Processes of Deep Underground Reservoirs
(Editors: Richeng Liu, Yujing Jiang, Bo Li)
Hydraulics 31 Mar 2019 3
Turbulence in River and Maritime Hydraulics
(Editors: Michele Mossa, Donatella Termini, Peter A. Davies)
Hydraulics 28 Feb 2018 16
Water Resources and Environmental Fluid Mechanics: From the Glacier to the Lake/Ocean
(Editors: Koen Blanckaert, Damien Bouffard)
Hydraulics 15 May 2018 10
Water Resources Investigation: Geologic Controls on Groundwater Flow
(Editors: Donald Sweetkind, Philip Gardner)
Hydraulics 30 Jun 2018 5
Water-Worked Bedload: Hydrodynamic and Mass Transport
(Editors: Paweł M. Rowiński, Subhasish Dey)
Hydraulics 28 Jan 2019 1
A Systems Approach of River and River Basin Restoration
(Editor: Theodore Endreny)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 20 Dec 2018
Advances in Ecological Water System Modeling: Integration and Leanification as a Basis for Application in Environmental Management
(Editors: Peter L. M. Goethals, Marie Anne Eurie Forio)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 27 Mar 2018 12
Advances in Microalgal Harvesting
(Editors: Liandong Zhu, Cheng Yan)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 31 Dec 2018
Antimicrobial Resistance in Environmental Waters
(Editors: Karina Yew-Hoong Gin, Charmaine Ng)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 31 Aug 2018 9
Biological Communities Respond to Multiple Human-Induced Aquatic Environment Change
(Editors: Marina Manca, Roberta Piscia)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 31 Dec 2017 11
Biomonitoring of Water Quality
(Editors: Fernando Cobo, Jesús R. Aboal)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 30 Nov 2018
(Editors: Franco Salerno, Copetti Diego)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 31 Jul 2018 3
Diffuse Water Pollution
(Editors: Antonio Lo Porto, Anna Maria De Girolamo)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 25 Feb 2019
Ecohydrology of Woodlands and Savannas
(Editors: Bradford P. Wilcox, Chris B. Zou)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 31 Aug 2018 2
Ecological Responses of Lakes to Climate Change
(Editors: Karl Havens, Erik Jeppesen)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 30 Apr 2017 12
Emerging Organic Contaminants in Water Ecosystems
(Editors: Stefano Polesello, Luisa Patrolecco, Nicoletta Ademollo, Sara Valsecchi)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 15 Mar 2019
Environmental Chemistry of Water Quality Monitoring
(Editor: Martha J.M. Wells)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 1 Apr 2019
Environmental Flows Determination and Monitoring with Hydraulic Habitat Models
(Editor: Piotr Parasiewicz)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 30 Sep 2018 1
Environmental Flows, Ecological Quality and Ecosystem Services
(Editor: Carles Ibáñez)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 31 May 2019
Estuaries and Coastal Waters under Pressure: Present State, Restoration and Protection
(Editors: Adriano A. Bordalo, Catarina Teixeira)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 30 Nov 2018 2
Eutrophication Management: Monitoring and Control
(Editor: Jesús M. Mercado)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 25 Jun 2018 9
Eutrophication of Waterways: An Old Problem with Modern Consequences
(Editor: Anas Ghadouani)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 31 Aug 2018 8
Freshwater Biodiversity Conservation in Mediterranean Climate Ecosystems
(Editor: Eva Papastergiadou)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 30 Apr 2019
Freshwater Quality as a Driver of Aquatic Ecosystem Health
(Editors: Katarzyna Glińska-Lewczuk, Krystian Obolewski)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 31 Jul 2018 10
Groundwater Contamination and Remediation
(Editors: Timothy D. Scheibe, David C. Mays)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 20 Jun 2018 7
Lake and River Restoration: Method, Evaluation and Management
(Editors: Gang Pan, Lirong Song, Qiuwen Chen, Tao Lyu)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 15 Jan 2019
Multiplicity, Characteristics, Main Impacts, and Stewardship of Natural and Artificial Freshwater Environments: Consequences for Biodiversity Conservation
(Editors: Marco Cantonati, Sandra Poikane, Catherine M. Pringle, Lawrence E. Stevens, Eren Turak)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 27 Mar 2019 2
Novel Lake Water Quality Monitoring Strategies
(Editors: Sampsa Koponen, Saku Anttila)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 15 Feb 2019
Pharmaceutic Compounds, as Emerging Organic Contaminants, and Their Occurrence and Transport in Groundwater: Sources, Reactions and Fate
(Editors: Josep Mas-Pla, Corinne Le Gal La Salle, Christine Stumpp)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 1 May 2019
Plants in Aquatic Ecosystems: Current Trends and Future Directions
(Editor: Takashi Asaeda)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 31 Dec 2018
Restoration of Biodiversity in Streams and Rivers
(Editors: Annette Baattrup-Pedersen, Tenna Riis, Jes J. Rasmussen)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 30 Aug 2018 2
River and Lake Ice Processes—Impacts of Freshwater Ice on Aquatic Ecosystems in a Changing Globe
(Editors: Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt, Helen Baulch)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 30 Nov 2017 11
The Role of Macrobiota in Aquatic Nutrient Cycling
(Editors: Paul Bukaveckas, Marco Bartoli)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 30 Jun 2019
Treatment Wetlands for Nutrient Removal
(Editor: David Sample)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 30 Apr 2018 7
Trophic Interactions in Warm Freshwater Ecosystems
(Editors: Mariana Meerhoff, Franco Teixeira de Mello, Carlos Iglesias)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 30 Dec 2018 1
Water Quality and Aquatic Organic Matter Fluorescence
(Editors: Darren Reynolds, Bethany Fox)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 31 Jul 2019
Water Quality and Ecosystems in Times of Climate Change
(Editor: Jim Perry)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 1 Feb 2019
Water Quality in Drinking Water Distribution Systems
(Editors: Mirjam Blokker, Joost van Summeren, Vanessa Speight)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 15 May 2019
Water Quality Monitoring and Modeling in Lakes
(Editors: Xing Fang, Alan W. Groeger, Qin Qian)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 31 Jul 2017 17
Wetlands and Their Roles in the Ecohydrological Cycle under Global Climate Change
(Editors: Georgia Destouni, Zahra Kalantari, Fernando Jaramillo)
Water Quality and Ecosystems 31 Dec 2018
10th Anniversary of Water
(Editor: Arjen Y. Hoekstra)
Water Use and Scarcity 30 Sep 2018 1
Advances in the Economic Analysis of Residential Water Use
(Editors: Arnaud Reynaud, Giulia Romano)
Water Use and Scarcity 30 Nov 2017 9
Groundwater Resources Assessment: Quantity and Quality
(Editors: Jian Luo, Chunhui Lu, Jichun Wu)
Water Use and Scarcity 31 Dec 2018
Health Risks of Alternative Water Sources
(Editors: Warish Ahmed, Kerry Hamilton)
Water Use and Scarcity 31 Dec 2018 6
Innovative Water Management and Reuse
(Editors: Kenneth M. Persson, Alfredo Gonzalez-Perez)
Water Use and Scarcity 1 Dec 2018 3
Monitoring and Governance of Water and Sanitation Services and Water Resources for Sustainable Development
(Editors: Agustí Pérez-Foguet, Ricard Giné Garriga, Alejandro Jiménez Fernández de Palencia, Anna Tengberg, Daniel Camós, Luis Alberto Andrés)
Water Use and Scarcity 30 Sep 2018 6
Potable Water: Quality of Raw Water and Finished Potable Water, Production of Potable Water, Contaminations of Potable Water
(Editor: Helvi Heinonen-Tanski)
Water Use and Scarcity 31 Jan 2019 1
Progress in Water Footprint Assessment
(Editors: Arjen Y. Hoekstra, Ashok K. Chapagain, Pieter van Oel)
Water Use and Scarcity 30 Sep 2018 8
Salinization of Coastal Aquifer Systems
(Editors: Nicolò Colombani, Micòl Mastrocicco)
Water Use and Scarcity 20 Aug 2018 4
The Economic Limits of Irrigation Water Reuse
(Editor: James Pease)
Water Use and Scarcity 31 Dec 2018
Water Management for Sustainable Food Production
(Editors: Narayanan Kannan, Aavudai Anandhi Swamy)
Water Use and Scarcity 31 Dec 2018 4
Advanced Hydroinformatic Techniques for the Simulation and Analysis of Water Supply and Distribution Systems Printed Edition available
(Editors: Manuel Herrera, Silvia Meniconi, Stefano Alvisi, Joaquín Izquierdo)
Urban Water Management 30 Sep 2017 19
Advances in Water Distribution Networks
(Editors: Giuseppe Pezzinga, Enrico Creaco)
Urban Water Management 28 May 2018 9
Advances on Urban Stormwater Harvesting Strategies
(Editors: Alberto Campisano, Chao-Hsien Liaw)
Urban Water Management 31 Oct 2017 5
Centralized versus Decentralized Urban Water Systems
(Editors: Christos Makropoulos, David Butler)
Urban Water Management 1 Sep 2018 1
Design of Urban Water Drainage Systems
(Editor: Tullio Tucciarelli)
Urban Water Management 26 Nov 2018 2
Development of Alternative Water Sources in the Urban Sector
(Editor: Eran Friedler)
Urban Water Management 15 Jan 2018 9
Hydrological Performance of Green Roofs
(Editors: Klaas Metselaar, Michael Richter, Petra van den Berg)
Urban Water Management 1 Jun 2018 8
Influence of the Urban Fabric on the Risks of Floods
(Editors: David Proverbs, Jessica Lamond)
Urban Water Management 31 May 2019 2
Membrane in Urban Water Purification
(Editor: J. Jaime Sadhwani Alonso)
Urban Water Management 26 Nov 2018 1
Performance of Vegetated Biofilters for Road and Parking Lot Runoff Management
(Editor: Marie-Christine Gromaire)
Urban Water Management 31 Dec 2018 1
Permeable Pavements and Their Role in Sustainable Urban Development
(Editor: Terry Lucke)
Urban Water Management 31 Aug 2018 7
Smart Technologies and Water Supply Planning
(Editors: Ashok Sharma, Ted Gardner)
Urban Water Management 31 Jan 2019
Sponge Cities: Emerging Approaches, Challenges and Opportunities
(Editors: Chris Zevenbergen, Dafang Fu, Assela Pathirana)
Urban Water Management 2 Mar 2018 26
Stormwater Quality: Modelling, Monitoring, Risk Assessment and Remidiation
(Editor: Prasanna Egodawatta)
Urban Water Management 20 Jan 2019
Technologies and Interventions to Support Sustainable Urban Water Management
(Editors: Magnus Moglia, Steve Cook)
Urban Water Management 31 Aug 2018 7
The Challenges of Water Management and Governance in Cities
(Editors: Cornelis Johannes (Kees) van Leeuwen, Jan Hofman, Peter Driessen, Jos Frijns)
Urban Water Management 31 Dec 2018 4
Urban Water Cycle Modelling and Management Printed Edition available
(Editors: Meenakshi Arora, Hector Malano)
Urban Water Management 30 Sep 2017 12
Water Networks Management: New Perspectives
(Editors: Vasilis Kanakoudis, Stavroula Tsitsifli)
Urban Water Management 31 Aug 2018 7
Water Sensitive Urban Design
(Editors: Richard M. Ashley, Paul Shaffer)
Urban Water Management 15 Mar 2019
Advanced Oxidation Technologies in Industrial Wastewater Treatment
(Editors: Rui C. Martins, Rosa M. Quinta-Ferreira, Sandra Contreras Iglesias)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 30 Nov 2018
Advances in Wastewater Treatment using Zeolite and Anammox
(Editor: Mark E. Grismer)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 31 Oct 2018 1
Agro-Industrial Wastewater Treatment with Decentralized Biological Treatment Methods
(Editors: Christos S. Akratos, Athanasia G. Tekerlekopoulou, Dimitris V. Vayenas)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 15 Dec 2018
Analytical Methods for Microplastics Quantification in the Environment
(Editors: Jes Vollertsen, Asbjørn H. Nielsen)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 31 Jul 2018
Biological Processes and Fate of Chemical Pollutants in Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatments
(Editors: Belén Rodelas, Clementina Pozo, Alejandro González-Martínez, Paula Maza-Márquez)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 31 May 2019
Desalination and Water Treatment
(Editor: Pei Xu)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 31 Dec 2017 7
Efficiency of Bank Filtration and Post-Treatment
(Editors: Thomas Grischek, Chittaranjan Ray)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 20 Sep 2018
Emerging Contaminants in Water: Detection, Treatment, and Regulation
(Editor: Frederick W. Pontius)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 15 May 2019
Energy Efficient Management of Water Collection, Treatment, Storage and Distribution
(Editors: Mathias Ernst, Wolf Merkel)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 30 Jun 2018 8
Enhancement of Anaerobic Digestion for Energy and Resource Recovery
(Editors: Sheng Chang, Youngseck Hong, Ewan McAdam, Chao Jin)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 12 Dec 2019
Filters in Drinking Water Treatment
(Editor: Chicgoua Noubactep)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 31 Aug 2018 2
New Advances in Disinfection of Wastewater
(Editor: Helvi Heinonen-Tanski)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 31 May 2017 5
Plant and Microbial Processes in Stormwater Treatment Systems
(Editors: David McCarthy, Jon Hathaway)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 30 Sep 2018 2
Recent Advances in Water and Wastewater Treatment with Emphasis in Membrane Treatment Operations
(Editors: Anastasios I. Zouboulis, Ioannis A. Katsoyiannis)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 30 Sep 2018 7
Recent Progress of Constructed Wetland for Wastewater Treatment
(Editors: Paula Maria Lima Castro, Cristina Sousa Coutinho Calheiros)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 28 Feb 2019
Removal and Inactivation of Waterborne Pathogens during Water Treatment Processes
(Editors: Hodon Ryu, Brooke Mayer)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 31 Jul 2019
Removal of Heavy Metals from Wastewater
(Editor: Laura Bulgariu)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 30 May 2019
Removal of Pharmaceuticals from Water: Conventional and Alternative Treatments
(Editors: Marta Otero, Carla Escapa, Ricardo N. Coimbra)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 31 Dec 2018 1
Small Scale and Decentralized Wastewater Treatment and Reuse within the Concept of Circular Economy
(Editors: Simos Malamis, Evina Katsou, Alper Baba, Maria da Conceição Cunha, Priyanie Amerasinghe, Michael Stenstrom, Andreas N. Angelakis)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 30 Jun 2018 6
Sustainable Future: Renewable Energy in Water and Wastewater Treatment
(Editor: Philip Davies)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 15 May 2019 2
Sustainable Water Supply through Desalination and Wastewater Reuse
(Editors: Sunny Jiang, Nikolay Voutchkov, PE, BCEE)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 31 Mar 2018 10
Technologies for Water Reuse: Current Status and Future Challenges
(Editors: Piemonte Vincenzo, Capocelli Mauro)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 1 May 2019
Wastewater Treatment: Review, Key Challenges, and New Perspectives
(Editor: Helvi Heinonen-Tanski)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 24 Apr 2019
Water Disinfection: Safe Water for All
(Editor: José Alberto Herrera-Melián)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 31 Jan 2019
Water Pollution and Treatment: Challenges and Opportunities
(Editor: Anas Ghadouani)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 30 Nov 2018 2
Water Pollution Control Using Clay Minerals and Agricultural Biomass-Based Adsorbents
(Editor: Tushar Kanti Sen)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 31 Jul 2019
Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene in Humanitarian Contexts
(Editors: Caetano C. Dorea, Travis Yates, Claire Furlong)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 30 Sep 2018
Wetlands for the Treatment of Agricultural Drainage Water
(Editor: Guangzhi Sun)
Water and Wastewater Treatment 31 May 2018 10
Advances in Agriculture Water Efficiency
(Editor: Surya P. Bhattarai)
Water–Food–Energy Nexus 30 Sep 2018 7
Energy and Water Nexus
(Editor: P.W. Gerbens-Leenes)
Water–Food–Energy Nexus 25 Dec 2018 1
Energy and Water Sustainability: Energy Supplies in Water Exploration, Production and Delivery
(Editor: Ashlynn S. Stillwell)
Water–Food–Energy Nexus 30 May 2018 2
Innovation Issues in Water, Agriculture and Food
(Editors: Maria do Rosario Cameira, Luis Santos Pereira)
Water–Food–Energy Nexus 31 Oct 2018 10
Insights on the Water–Energy–Food Nexus
(Editors: Vasilis Kanakoudis, Stavroula Tsitsifli)
Water–Food–Energy Nexus 31 Jan 2019
Management of Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus
(Editors: Larry Swatuk, Corrine Cash)
Water–Food–Energy Nexus 30 Jun 2019
Modelling and Management of Irrigation System
(Editors: Juan Antonio Rodríguez Díaz, Rafael González Perea, Miguel A. Moreno)
Water–Food–Energy Nexus 31 Jul 2019 1
Precision Agriculture and Irrigation
(Editor: Vasileios Liakos)
Water–Food–Energy Nexus 15 Mar 2019
Selected Papers from HydroMediT 2018
(Editors: Konstantinos Kormas, Panagiotis Berillis, Nikos Vlahos, Elena Mente)
Water–Food–Energy Nexus 15 Apr 2019
Soil-Plant-Water Relationships
(Editors: Rony Wallach, Yan Li)
Water–Food–Energy Nexus 6 May 2018 5
Water Quality: A Component of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus
(Editor: Xiaohong Chen)
Water–Food–Energy Nexus 31 May 2018 10
Water Resources Management and Policy Development: International Security and Economic Relations
(Editor: Norman Graham)
Water–Food–Energy Nexus 30 Oct 2018
Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Asia, with Focus on the Mekong Region
(Editors: Jiaguo Qi, Richard Lawford, Tira Foran)
Water–Food–Energy Nexus 31 Dec 2018 4
Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources
(Editor: Franco Salerno)
31 May 2017 16
Additives in Stormwater Filters for Enhanced Pollutant Removal
(Editor: Glenn Brown)
30 Jun 2017 7
Advanced Membranes for Water Treatment
(Editors: Stephen Gray, Hideto Matsuyama)
31 Dec 2016 10
Advances in Hydro-Meteorological Monitoring
(Editors: Tommaso Moramarco, Roberto Ranzi)
30 Dec 2016 11
Advances in On-Site Wastewater Treatment and Technologies to Characterize the Fate and Transport of Wastewater Constituents
(Editors: Michael O'Driscoll, Charles Humphrey, Jr.)
31 Jan 2015 8
Advances in Remote Sensing of Flooding
(Editor: Yong Wang)
30 Nov 2014 8
Advances in Water Desalination
(Editor: Thomas A. Davis)
1 Jul 2012 6
Analytical Chemistry of Water
(Editor: Maria Filomena Camões)
31 May 2013 6
Aquaponics: Toward a Sustainable Water-Based Production System?
(Editor: M. Haïssam Jijakli)
15 Sep 2016 12
Assessment of Water Quality and Treatment Technologies in Potable Water Use
(Editors: Mathias Ernst, Frank Sacher)
30 Apr 2017 8
Biological Treatment of Wastewater
(Editor: Giuseppe Olivieri)
30 Sep 2017 9
BMP Development, Implementation, and Performance
(Editors: Kelly T. Morgan, Monica Ozores-Hampton)
20 Jan 2016 13
Constructed Wetlands for Water Treatment: New Developments
(Editors: Hans Brix, Carlos A. Arias, Pedro N. Carvalho)
31 Aug 2016 15
Constructed Wetlands Systems and Management
(Editors: Alan Howard, Defu Xu)
29 Feb 2016 9
Drought Monitoring, Forecasting, and Risk Assessment
(Editors: Paulo Barbosa, Jürgen Vogt)
31 May 2017 7
Ecological Monitoring, Assessment, and Management in Freshwater Systems Printed Edition available
(Editors: Young-Seuk Park, Soon-Jin Hwang)
20 Feb 2016 18
Ecological Watershed Management
(Editor: Keith Smettem)
31 Jan 2013 17
Electrohydrodynamic Liquid Bridges and Electrified Water
(Editors: Elmar Christof Fuchs, Jakob Woisetschläger, Adam D. Wexler, Astrid H. Paulitsch-Fuchs)
28 Feb 2017 5
Emerging Contaminants: Occurrence, Fate and Transport, and Removal
(Editors: Jiangyong Hu, Say-Leong Ong, Yuefeng Xie, Cheng-Fang Lin, Sungpyo Kim)
15 Jul 2016 5
Environmental Tracers Printed Edition available
(Editor: Trevor Elliot)
30 Nov 2013 12
Feature Papers 15 Jan 2010 8
Flood Estimation and Analysis in a Variable and Changing Environment
(Editors: Athanasios Loukas, Thomas R. Kjeldsen)
31 Oct 2013 16
Flood Risk Management
(Editors: Bas Jonkman, Richard Dawson)
1 Nov 2011 12
Forecast of Extreme Events in the Water Cycle—Data, Models and Uncertainties
(Editors: Yunqing Xuan, Harshinie Karunarathna, Adrián Pedrozo-Acuña)
31 Mar 2017 12
Global Warming Impacts on Mountain Glaciers and Communities
(Editors: Daene C. McKinney, Alton C. Byers)
15 Mar 2017 9
Groundwater Monitoring and Remediation
(Editors: Robert Puls, Robert Powell)
28 Feb 2017 8
Heavy Metals and Potentially Toxic Elements (PTEs) in Water
(Editor: Andrew Hursthouse)
30 Nov 2017 11
Hillslope and Watershed Hydrology Printed Edition available
(Editors: Christopher J. Duffy, Xuan Yu)
31 Mar 2017 14
Hydro-Ecological Modeling Printed Edition available
(Editors: Lutz Breuer, Philipp Kraft)
31 Jan 2015 12
Hydroinformatics and Urban Water Systems
(Editors: Zoran Vojinovic, Michael B. Abbott)
30 Jun 2016 15
Hydrologic System Analysis, Patterns, and Predictions for Arid and Semi-arid Environment
(Editors: Assefa M. Melesse, Xixi Wang, Gabriel Senay)
31 Aug 2015 8
Impact of Ocean Acidification on Marine Organisms—Unifying Principles and New Paradigms
(Editors: Sam Dupont, Mike Thorndyke, Jason Hall-Spencer)
28 Feb 2014 11
Innovative Aspects in Flood Risk Evaluation, Mapping and Communication
(Editors: Giuseppe Aronica, Bruno Merz, Slobodan Djordjevic)
31 Mar 2017 9
Inorganic Pollution of Water Environment
(Editor: Rolf David Vogt)
15 Mar 2013 6
Integrated Soil and Water Management: Selected Papers from 2016 International SWAT Conference Printed Edition available
(Editors: Karim Abbaspour, Raghavan Srinivasan, Saeid Ashraf Vaghefi, Monireh Faramarzi, Lei Chen)
31 May 2017 28
Lake Restoration and Management in a Climate Change Perspective
(Editors: Erik Jeppesen, Martin Søndergaard)
30 Jun 2016 17
Land Use, Climate, and Water Resources
(Editors: Sujay Kaushal, Paul Mayer, Arthur Gold)
31 Jul 2016 11
Managing Water in a Changing World: Selected Papers from the 7th Conference of the Commission on Water Sustainability
(Editors: Claudio Cassardo, J. Anthony A. Jones)
30 Apr 2010 17
Managing Water Resources and Development in a Changing Climate
(Editor: Athanasios Loukas)
31 Mar 2011 7
New Developments in Methods for Hydrological Process Understanding
(Editors: Keith Smettem, Scott W. Tyler, Josie Geris)
31 Mar 2017 8
Pathogens in Water
(Editors: Sunny Jiang, Yiping Cao)
30 Aug 2016 8
Planning and Operations of Multi-Objective River and Reservoir Systems
(Editor: Li-Chiu Chang)
31 Dec 2017 7
Policy and Economics of Managed Aquifer Recharge and Water Banking Printed Edition available
(Editors: Sharon B. Megdal, Peter Dillon)
1 Sep 2014 14
Rainwater Harvesting: Quantity, Quality, Economics and State Regulations Printed Edition available
(Editor: Ataur Rahman)
28 Feb 2017 10
Recent Advances in Riverflow Research
(Editors: Thorsten Stoesser, Roger A Falconer)
31 Mar 2016 9
Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture
(Editors: Alexander Löw, Jian Peng)
31 Oct 2016 9
Resilient Water Management in Agriculture
(Editors: Tim Hess, Jerry Knox)
30 Nov 2016 12
Science and Technology of Wastewater and Sludge Treatment
(Editor: Yung-Tse Hung)
31 Mar 2011 10
Sea Level Changes
(Editor: Aixue Hu)
30 Apr 2017 8
Selected Papers from the 1st International Electronic Conference on Water Science
(Editors: Wilhelm Püttmann, Athanasios Loukas, Aleksandra Drizo, Jiangyong Hu, Marco Franchini, Bruno Brunone, Julio Berbel, Richard C. Smardon)
30 Jun 2017 6
Stream Channel Stability, Assessment, Modeling, and Mitigation 30 Nov 2016 7
Stream Ecosystems and Restoration: Linking Bioassessments to Improved Planning and Design Strategies
(Editor: John S. Schwartz)
20 Jan 2016 10
Study, Development and Management of Water in Volcanic Areas
(Editors: María del Pino Palacios Díaz, María del Carmen Cabrera Santana)
10 Apr 2015 11
Surface Water Groundwater Interactions: From Theory to Practice
(Editors: Philip Brunner, Jan Fleckenstein)
30 Apr 2015 5
Sustainable Drainage Systems Printed Edition available
(Editor: Miklas Scholz)
31 Oct 2014 13
Sustainable Urban Water Management
(Editor: Fabio Masi)
30 Sep 2012 11
Sustainable Wastewater Treatment and Pollution Control
(Editors: Yung-Tse Hung, Yen-Pei Fu)
31 Mar 2013 13
Sustainable Water Consumption
(Editors: Stephan Pfister, Brad Ridoutt)
20 Sep 2016 6
Sustainable Water Management and Decision Making under limited Data Availability
(Editor: Markus Disse)
30 Apr 2015 24
Sustainable Water Management within Inland River Watershed
(Editor: Xiangzheng Deng)
31 Dec 2017 23
Sustainable Water Systems
(Editor: Miklas Scholz)
1 Jul 2012 11
Synergies in Urban Water Infrastructure Modeling
(Editors: Manfred Kleidorfer, Robert Sitzenfrei)
31 Mar 2017 5
Tackling Complex Water Problems in China under Changing Environment
(Editors: Y. Jun Xu, Guangxin Zhang, Hongyan Li)
30 Jun 2016 38
The Use of Remote Sensing in Hydrology Printed Edition available
(Editors: Frédéric Frappart, Luc Bourrel)
28 Feb 2017 13
Treatment of Wastewater and Drinking Water through Advanced Technologies
(Editor: José Manuel Poyatos)
31 May 2017 6
Uncertainty Analysis and Modeling in Hydrological Forecasting
(Editors: Paolo Reggiani, Ezio Todini)
31 May 2016 9
Urban Drainage and Urban Stormwater Management
(Editor: Brigitte Helmreich)
31 May 2016 16
Urban Water Challenges
(Editor: Peter J. Coombes)
28 Feb 2017 15
Use of Meta-Heuristic Techniques in Rainfall-Runoff Modelling Printed Edition available
(Editors: Kwok-wing Chau, Kwok-wing Chau)
20 Dec 2015 15
Wastewater Treatment and Reuse
(Editors: Andreas N. Angelakis, Shane A. Snyder, Irene G. Xagoraraki)
10 Oct 2014 11
Water and Solute Transport in Vadose Zone
(Editor: Boris Faybishenko)
31 Dec 2017 14
Water Consumption and Water End-uses in Buildings
(Editor: Enedir Ghisi)
28 Feb 2015 7
Water Economics and Policy
(Editors: Julio Berbel, Carlos Gutiérrez-Martín, Julia Martin-Ortega)
30 Jun 2017 23
Water Footprint Assessment
(Editors: Arjen Y. Hoekstra, Ashok K. Chapagain, Pieter van Oel)
31 Aug 2016 15
Water Governance in Times of Change: Perceptions, Institutions, Praxis and Learning
(Editors: Tim Smith, Ryan Plummer, Ray Ison, Neil Powell)
30 Nov 2017 13
Water Governance, Stakeholder Engagement, and Sustainable Water Resources Management Printed Edition available
(Editors: Sharon B. Megdal, Susanna Eden, Eylon Shamir)
20 Feb 2016 21
Water Management Strategies for Addressing Long-Term Drought and Climate Uncertainty
(Editors: Karina Schoengold, Ginger Paige, Kristiana Hansen)
31 Oct 2016 9
Water Policy
(Editor: Davide Viaggi)
31 May 2011 7
Water Policy, Productivity and Economic Efficiency Printed Edition available
(Editors: Davide Viaggi, Meri Raggi, Giacomo Zanni)
20 Dec 2013 10
Water Pollution Management by Constructed Wetlands and On Site Filter Technologies
(Editor: Aleksandra Drizo)
31 May 2010 5
Water Quality and Health
(Editor: Mustafa M. Aral)
30 Sep 2016 10
Water Quality Considerations for Managed Aquifer Recharge Systems
(Editors: Pieter J. Stuyfzand, Niels Hartog)
31 Dec 2016 19
Water Quality Control and Management
(Editors: Say-Leong Ong, Jiangyong Hu, Qin Qian)
31 Jan 2015 23
Water Recycling and Reuse
(Editors: Andreas N. Angelakis, Nikos Paranychianakis)
31 Oct 2011 10
Water Resource Variability and Climate Change Printed Edition available
(Editors: Yingkui Li, Michael A. Urban)
20 Dec 2015 17
Water Resources Assessment and Management in Drylands Printed Edition available
(Editors: Magaly Koch, Thomas M. Missimer)
31 Dec 2015 14
Water Resources in a Variable and Changing Climate Printed Edition available
(Editors: Simon Beecham, Julia Piantadosi)
13 Jun 2014 15
Water Resources Management: Innovation and Challenges in a Changing World
(Editors: Ashantha Goonetilleke, Meththika Vithanage)
20 Dec 2015 10
Water Supply and Drainage for Sustainable Built Environment
(Editors: Ling Tim Wong, Kwok Wai Mui)
31 Mar 2017 8
Water Systems towards New Future Challenges
(Editor: Helena Margarida Ramos)
31 Dec 2016 13
Water Treatment and Human Health
(Editor: Marc Henry)
20 Dec 2014 11
Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Large Asian River Basins Printed Edition available
(Editors: Marko Keskinen, Shokhrukh Jalilov, Olli Varis)
31 May 2015 12
Water-Soil-Vegetation Dynamic Interactions in Changing Climate
(Editors: Xixi Wang, Xuefeng Chu, Tingxi Liu, Xiangju Cheng, Rich Whittecar)
31 Mar 2017 13
Water: Facts without Myths
(Editor: Marc Henry)
30 Jun 2010 6
Watershed Protection and Management
(Editors: Joan M. Brehm, Brian W. Eisenhauer)
31 May 2016 8
Watershed Sediment Process
(Editors: Jochen Aberle, Nils Ruther)
28 Feb 2017 7
Wetlands and Sustainability
(Editor: Richard C. Smardon)
30 Jun 2014 8
Worldwide History of Water Supply, Sanitation, Wastewater and Stormwater Technologies
(Editors: Andreas N. Angelakis, Xiaoyun Zheng)
31 Aug 2014 8
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