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Actuators based on Carbon Nanotube, Graphene and Beyond Graphene Materials
(Editor: Balaji Panchapakesan)
01 March 2016
Feature Papers
(Editor: Delbert Tesar)
15 October 2015 10
High-Resolution Actuators
(Editors: Mathieu Grossard, Micky Rakotondrabe)
31 August 2015 7
Human Centered Actuators
(Editor: Delbert Tesar)
30 September 2013 9
Hydraulic Actuators
(Editor: Monika Ivantysynova)
31 August 2016
Magnetorheological Fluids, Devices, and Integrated Adaptive Systems
(Editor: Norman M. Wereley)
30 October 2016
MEMS-based Actuators
(Editor: Jose Luis Sanchez-Rojas)
30 September 2016
Piezoelectric Actuators
(Editor: Kenji Uchino)
30 November 2015 8
Polymeric Actuators
(Editor: Salvatore Graziani)
30 April 2016
Soft Actuators
(Editors: Bram Vanderborght, Fumiya Iida, Cecilia Laschi)
16 December 2013 9
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