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Antibiotic Resistance
(Editor: Dan I. Andersson)
31 January 2013 5
Antibiotics and Respiratory Tract Infections
(Editor: Kenny Kung)
31 August 2013 5
Antibiotics and Urinary Tract Infections Print Edition available
(Editors: Kurt G. Naber, Truls E. E. Bjerklund Bjerklund Johansen)
10 January 2014 13
Antibiotics in Animal Health
(Editor: Mary Barton)
20 July 2016
Antimicrobial Peptides Print Edition available
(Editor: William M. Shafer)
31 August 2014 15
Antimicrobial Stewardship
(Editors: Jerod Nagel, Angela Huang)
30 September 2015 12
Bacterial Cell Wall as Antimicrobial Target
(Editor: Waldemar Vollmer)
30 June 2016 5
Biofilm Infection
(Editors: Gordon Ramage, Craig Williams, Karen Smith)
31 October 2015 5
Clostridium difficile Infection
(Editor: Yung-Fu Chang)
30 April 2015 9
Discover New Antibiotics 2016
(Editor: William R. Schwan)
20 October 2016
Efflux Pumps of Multi-Drug Resistant Pathogenic Bacteria: Their Genetic Regulation, Molecular Biology and Possible Control with Newly Designed Agents
(Editor: Leonard Amaral)
31 December 2012 8
Feature Paper 2013
(Editor: Christopher C. Butler)
31 October 2013 6
Inhibitors of the Translational Apparatus
(Editor: Claudio O. Gualerzi)
31 March 2016 8
Mechanisms of Antibiotic Resistance
(Editor: Sergei Vakulenko)
31 March 2014 7
The Environmental Footprint of Antibiotics
(Editor: Angelina Pena)
30 May 2013 7
The Use of Antibiotics in Food-Producing Animals
(Editor: Martin J. Woodward)
31 July 2015 6
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