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(Photo)Electrochemistry of Perovskites
(Editors: Christian Jooss, Yang Shao-Horn)
15 January 2017
Activation of Dioxygen and Liquid Phase Oxidation Catalysis for Fine Chemistry
(Editor: Véronique Nardello-Rataj)
15 January 2017
Advances in Catalyst Deactivation Print Edition available
(Editors: Calvin H. Bartholomew, Morris D. Argyle)
30 September 2014 9
Aerogel Catalyst
(Editors: Theophilos Ioannides, Nathalie Job)
30 September 2012 6
Asymmetric and Selective Biocatalysis
(Editors: Jose M. Palomo, Cesar Mateo)
31 October 2016 1
Automotive Emission Control Catalysts
(Editors: Jae-Soon Choi, Petr Kočí)
31 January 2016 8
Carbon Catalysts
(Editors: Seong-Ho Yoon, Elena Pastor, Maria Jesús Lázaro)
30 June 2013 5
Carbon Materials for Green Catalysis
(Editor: Frédéric Jaouen)
15 May 2016 5
Catalysis for Low Temperature Fuel Cells
(Editors: Vincenzo Baglio, David Sebastián)
30 June 2016 3
Catalysts for Biomass Conversion
(Editor: Michikazu Hara)
31 December 2011 8
Catalysts for Selective Oxidation
(Editor: Stuart H. Taylor)
15 December 2015 8
Catalysts for Site-Selective Reactions
(Editor: Kei Manabe)
15 July 2016
Catalytic Conversion of Biomass
(Editors: Rafael Luque Alvarez de Sotomayor, Sudipta De, Alina M. Balu)
15 November 2015 14
Catalytic Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds Print Edition available
(Editor: Jean-François Lamonier)
28 February 2015 13
Ceria-based Catalysts
(Editors: Enrique Rodríguez-Castellón, Agustín Bueno-López, Elisa Moretti)
31 December 2016
Electrocatalysis in Fuel Cells Print Edition available
(Editor: Minhua Shao)
15 May 2015 35
Enzyme Catalysis
(Editor: David D. Boehr)
31 March 2016 13
Feature Papers to Celebrate the Landmarks of Catalysts Print Edition available
(Editor: Keith Hohn)
15 December 2014 20
Gold Catalysts
(Editor: Leonarda F. Liotta)
30 September 2011 15
Heterogeneous Catalysis & Hydrogen Storage
(Editors: Di-Jia Liu, Jianguo Liu)
31 October 2016 1
Heterogeneous Catalysis for Environmental Remediation
(Editors: Shaobin Wang, Xiaoguang Duan)
28 February 2017
Immobilized Enzymes: Strategies for Enzyme Stabilization
(Editor: Jose M. Guisan)
15 November 2016
In Situ and Operando Characterization in Catalysis
(Editor: Juan J. Bravo-Suarez)
31 August 2016 1
Ionic Liquids in Catalysis
(Editor: Jürgen Liebscher)
15 July 2013 6
Mechanistic Studies in Homogeneous Catalysis
(Editors: Esteban P. Urriolabeitia, Pedro Villuendas)
15 August 2016
Metal Catalysts Recycling and Heterogeneous/Homogeneous Catalysis
(Editors: Masahiko Arai, Fengyu Zhao)
31 December 2014 7
Metals as Substrates of Structured Catalysts and Reactors
(Editors: Luis Maria Gandía Pascual, Mario Montes, José Antonio Odriozola)
15 February 2017
Microbial Fuel Cells
(Editor: Hong Liu)
31 August 2016
Molecular Catalysis for Precise Olefin Polymerization
(Editors: Kotohiro Nomura, Minoru Terano)
25 December 2012 7
Molecular Catalysis for Precise Olefin Polymerization and ROP 2015
(Editor: Carl Redshaw)
15 January 2016 7
Nanobiotechnology for Biofuel Production: Renewable and Sustainable Sources
(Editors: Munish Puri, Takuya Tsuzuki)
31 January 2017
New Trends in Gold Catalysts
(Editor: Leonarda F. Liotta)
15 June 2013 9
Organometallic Catalysis for Organic Synthesis
(Editor: Xiao-Feng Wu)
30 September 2016 2
Palladium Catalysts for Cross-Coupling Reaction
(Editor: Kei Manabe)
15 June 2014 7
Perovskite Catalysts
(Editors: Yu-Chuan Lin, Keith Hohn)
15 February 2014 5
Phase-Transfer Catalysts
(Editors: Domenico Albanese, Dario Landini)
31 December 2014 2
(Editors: Cooper H. Langford, Bunsho Ohtani)
15 April 2013 21
Photocatalytic Wastewater Treatment
(Editors: Dionysios (Dion) Demetriou Dionysiou, Giusy Lofrano, Polycarpos Falaras, Suresh C. Pillai, Adrián M.T. Silva, Xie Quan)
15 April 2016 8
Rational Synthesis of Supported Bimetallic Catalysts
(Editor: John R. (JR) Regalbuto)
15 March 2016 7
Reforming Catalysts
(Editor: Simon Penner)
15 December 2016
Ruthenium Catalysts
(Editors: Albert Demonceau, Ileana Dragutan, Valerian Dragutan)
15 November 2016
Sol–Gel Chemistry: A Toolbox for Catalyst Preparation
(Editor: Damien P. Debecker)
15 April 2017
Soluble Nanoparticles in Catalytic Applications
(Editors: Alain Roucoux, Audrey Denicourt)
30 September 2016
Surface Chemistry and Catalysis
(Editor: Michalis Konsolakis)
30 November 2015 15
Suzuki–Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reaction and Potential Applications
(Editor: Ioannis D. Kostas)
30 November 2016
Synthesis of Nanostructured Catalytic Materials from Microemulsions
(Editors: Magali Boutonnet, Margarita Sanchez-Dominguez)
15 December 2014 6
Tailor-Made NHC Ligands
(Editor: Federico Cisnetti)
15 October 2016
Water Oxidation Catalysis
(Editor: Yurii V. Geletii)
15 December 2016
Zeolite Catalysis
(Editor: Andreas Martin)
31 October 2015 12
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