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Animal Genetics and Genomics 12 Articles

Human Genomics and Genetic Diseases 311 Articles

Prof. Dr. Selvarangan Ponnazhagan  
Prof. Dr. Roel Ophoff  
Current Special Issues (5)

Molecular Genetics 243 Articles

Dr. Paolo Cinelli  

Microbial Genetics and Genomics 91 Articles

Prof. Dr. Thierry Wirth  
Current Special Issues (9)

Population and Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics 89 Articles

Prof. Dr. J. Peter W. Young  
Current Special Issues (7)

Plant Genetics and Genomics 101 Articles

Prof. Roberto Tuberosa  
Current Special Issues (3)

Technologies and Resources for Genetics 113 Articles

Prof. Dr. Montserrat Corominas  
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