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Analytical Determination of Polyphenols
(Editors: Antonio Segura-Carretero, David Arráez-Román)
31 May 2015 21
Antioxidant and Neuroprotection
(Editors: David Vauzour, Rita Businaro)
31 Jul 2017
Antioxidants and Periodontal Diseases
(Editor: Maurizio Battino)
31 Dec 2015 5
Antioxidants and Phytobiotics in Mitigation of Radiation-Induced Injury and Impairment of Redox Homeostasis
(Editor: Nikolai V. Gorbunov)
31 Jan 2018
Antioxidants in Essential Oils
(Editor: Manuel Viuda-Martos)
31 Oct 2017
Antioxidants in Oils
(Editor: Michael H. Gordon)
30 Dec 2013 15
Antioxidants, Microbiome and Gut Health
(Editors: Helieh S. Oz, G. K. Jayaprakasha)
31 May 2017
Astrocyte Antioxidant Systems
(Editor: Gethin McBean)
31 May 2017
Berry Antioxidants in Health and Disease Printed Edition available
(Editor: Dorothy Klimis-Zacas)
30 Jun 2016 10
Bioactive Phenolic Compounds
(Editors: Antonio Segura-Carretero, Elena Alañon)
15 Jun 2017 2
Carotenoids—Antioxidant Properties
(Editors: Andrew J. Young, Gordon M. Lowe)
30 Sep 2017 1
Dietary Antioxidants
(Editor: Adrianne Bendich)
30 Sep 2013 5
Dietary Antioxidants and Health Promotion
(Editor: Dejian Huang)
30 Apr 2017 4
Dietary Antioxidants and Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases
(Editor: Giuseppe Grosso)
28 Feb 2018
Exercise Induced Muscle Damage and Oxidative Stress
(Editor: Athanasios Jamurtas)
30 Jun 2017 4
Extraction of Antioxidants: Innovative and Intensification Methods, Activity Enhancement and Degradations
(Editors: Farid Chemat, Maryline Abert-Vian)
31 Mar 2017 4
Feature Papers 2016
(Editor: Stanley Omaye)
31 Dec 2016 6
Lipid Oxidation in Meat and Poultry
(Editor: Dong Uk Ahn)
30 Apr 2016 8
Methods and Applications of Free Radical Detection & Measurement
(Editors: Ian D. Podmore, Mark D. Evans)
30 Apr 2017
Mitochondrial Shape Change in Physio-Pathology
(Editor: Yisang Yoon)
30 Nov 2017 2
Natural Products as Antioxidants
(Editors: Maria G. Miguel, João Rocha)
31 Oct 2014 10
Oxidative Stress and Aging: Past, Present and Future Concepts
(Editor: Adam Salmon)
31 May 2016 5
Oxidative Stress and Cancer: The Nrf2 Enigma
(Editor: Debasis Mondal)
31 Mar 2017 3
Oxidative Stress and Neurodegenerative Diseases
(Editor: Wenlan Liu)
30 Sep 2014 6
Oxidative Stress and Salt-Sensitive Hypertension
(Editor: Dewan S. A. Majid)
31 Aug 2017 2
Plant Antioxidants
(Editors: Ehab A. Abourashed, Luca Sebastiani)
31 Jul 2013 12
Redox Stress and Redox Homeostatic Response to Trauma and Injury
(Editor: Nikolai V. Gorbunov)
30 Nov 2014 5
ROS Derived from NADPH Oxidase (NOX) in Angiogenesis
(Editor: Masuko Ushio-Fukai)
31 Mar 2017 4
Selenium and Selenoproteins for Optimal Health
(Editors: Xin Gen Lei, Wen-Hsing Cheng)
31 Dec 2017 2
Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) Enzymes, Mimetics and Oxygen Radicals
(Editors: Gloria E. O. Borgstahl, Rebecca Oberley-Deegan)
30 Sep 2017 1
Think Yellow: Reactive Sulfur Species in Redox Biology, Medicine and Agriculture
(Editors: Claus Jacob, Gregory Ian Giles)
30 Sep 2016 6
Vitamin C: Current Concepts in Human Physiology
(Editors: Ramesh Natarajan, Anitra C. Carr)
30 Sep 2017
Vitamin E
(Editor: Volker Böhm)
31 Oct 2017

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