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21st Century Great Conversations in Neuroscience, Art and Related Therapeutics
(Editors: Juliet L. King, Kaitlin Knapp)
1 Mar 2018
Addictive Behaviors: Assessment and Treatment
(Editor: Andrew Doan)
1 Jul 2015 10
Advances in Animal Cognition
(Editor: Jennifer Vonk)
30 Apr 2016 12
Advances in Environmental Psychology
(Editor: Jack L. Nasar)
1 Sep 2014 9
Advances in Psychiatric Diagnosis Past, Present and Future
(Editors: Carol North, Alina Suris)
15 May 2015 9
Advances in the Prevention and Management of Obesity and Eating Disorders
(Editors: Amanda Salis (née Sainsbury), Felipe Q. da Luz)
31 Jul 2017 12
Analytical Psychology: Theory and Practice Printed Edition available
(Editor: Lucy Huskinson)
30 Sep 2013 11
Anxiety Disorders in Youth
(Editor: Andrea Keener, PhD)
30 Nov 2017
Embodied Aesthetics and Interpersonal Resonance
(Editors: Sabine C. Koch, Thomas Fuchs, Lily Martin, Wolfgang Tschacher)
24 Nov 2017 5
Emerging Roles in Animal Socio-Cognition in Relation to Ethics, Behavior and Welfare
(Editors: Alessandra Pelagalli, Francesco De Giorgio)
30 Sep 2017
Family Communication at the End of Life
(Editor: Maureen P. Keeley)
28 Feb 2017 16
Family Estrangement
(Editor: Lucy Blake)
30 Aug 2018
From Synapses to Syndromes in Stress Research: Translational Approaches to the Study of the Neurobiology of Stress-Related Mental Disorders
(Editor: David Diamond)
31 Mar 2012 6
Functional Perspectives on Emotion
(Editors: Heather C. Lench, Shane W. Bench)
31 Dec 2017 2
Functional Perspectives on Emotion, Behavior, and Cognition
(Editor: Heather C. Lench)
31 May 2013 8
Learning and Memory Deficits Related to Neuropsychiatric Disorders
(Editor: Scott J. Hunter)
15 Feb 2013 8
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: Assessment and Treatment Considerations
(Editor: Diane Castillo)
31 Aug 2014 10
Posttraumatic Growth and Illusory Growth: Theory and Practice
(Editor: Kanako Taku)
30 Mar 2018
Selected Papers from CUBANNI 2017—“The Fourth International Workshop of Neuroimmunology”
(Editors: Maria Robinson, Carlos Alberto Gonçalves, Dario Siniscalco)
31 Dec 2017 2
Sexual Violence on College Campus
(Editors: Raquel Kennedy Bergen, George W. Dowdall)
15 Mar 2018
Socioeconomic Adversity, Associated Risks, and Resilience across Neurocognitive, Emotional, and Behavioral Development
(Editor: Scott J. Hunter)
31 Mar 2017 4
Spatial Cognition and Behaviour
(Editors: Ruth Conroy Dalton, Christoph Hoelscher)
31 Mar 2014 5
State of Art in Non-Clinical Models for Neurodegenerative Diseases
(Editors: Caridad Ivette Fernandez Verdecia, Tangui Maurice, Isaac G. Onyango)
30 Nov 2017 3
The Behavior Effects of Tobacco and Cannabis Smoking
(Editor: Zhen Gu)
31 May 2018
The Effects of Natural Environments on Human Health
(Editor: Alan Ewert)
1 Feb 2018 1
Understanding Older Adult Resilience from a Life-course Perspective
(Editors: Melinda Heinz, Jinmyoung Cho)
31 Dec 2017 1
What is Cognition?
(Editor: Charles I. Abramson)
30 Nov 2012 9
Youth Aggression and Violence: Causes and Consequences
(Editor: Steven J. Kirsh)
30 Nov 2015 7
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