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Special Issue Title
Special Issue Editors
Submission Deadline
Subm. D/L
Amphibian Conservation
(Editor: Ariadne Angulo)
30 Oct 2009 9
Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation, Aquatic Natural Resources and Management
(Editor: Thilina Surasinghe)
15 Apr 2017
Assessment of Plant Genetic Diversity
(Editor: Mario A. Pagnotta)
31 Mar 2010 5
Biodiversity and Forest Dynamics and Functions
(Editor: Takashi S. Kohyama)
01 May 2012 5
Biodiversity Loss & Habitat Fragmentation
(Editor: Mario A. Pagnotta)
28 Feb 2015 7
Biodiversity Study by Remote Sensing
(Editor: Duccio Rocchini)
30 Sep 2016
Biodiversity, Conservation and Ecosystem Management
(Editor: Lyne Morissette)
01 Mar 2011 6
Biogeography and Biodiversity Conservation
(Editors: Brett R. Riddle, Holger Kreft)
31 Jan 2013 9
Biological Diversity Assessed by Molecular Methods
(Editor: Lorraine Pariset)
28 Feb 2010 18
Biology, Ecology and Management of Crown-of-Thorns Starfish
(Editors: Morgan Pratchett, Sven Uthicke)
30 Nov 2016 1
Characterization and Preservation of Plant Genetic Diversity
(Editor: Mario A. Pagnotta)
30 Oct 2016 1
Coral Reef Biodiversity and Conservation
(Editor: Zoe Richards)
29 Feb 2016 6
Coral Reef Diversity: Climate Change and Coral Reef Degradation
(Editor: Ray Berkelmans)
30 Jun 2011 13
Diversity of Sponge Symbiotic Bacteria
(Editor: Ipek Kurtboke)
31 Jan 2017
Diversity Theories and Perspectives
(Editor: Carlo Ricotta)
31 Dec 2009 7
Ethnic Diversity and Cultural Pluralism
(Editor: Lionel Obadia)
31 Mar 2010 5
Genetic Diversity and Molecular Evolution
(Editor: Genlou Sun)
30 Aug 2014 9
Global Freshwater Biodiversity
(Editor: Thilina Surasinghe)
30 Nov 2014 6
Implications of Globalization for Conservation in Africa: Selected Papers from 3rd African Congress for Conservation Biology
(Editors: Hamid Rguibi Idrissi, Tuyeni H. Mwampamba)
30 Dec 2016
Long-Term Anthropic Influences on the Diversity of Amazonian Landscapes and Biota
(Editor: William Balée)
31 Dec 2009 12
Mangrove Conservation
(Editor: Peter Saenger)
28 Feb 2015 8
Microbial Ecology and Diversity
(Editors: Kristen M. DeAngelis, Susan Leschine)
15 Apr 2013 8
Plant Genetics and Biotechnology in Biodiversity
(Editors: Rosa Rao, Giandomenico Corrado)
30 Sep 2017
Selected Papers from Rodens et Spatium 2016
(Editor: Emil Tkadlec)
30 Oct 2016
Selected Papers from The ISLAND BIOLOGY–2016 - An International Conference on Island Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation (18-22 July 2016)
(Editors: Paulo A. V. Borges, Rosalina Gabriel, Rui B. Elias, Isabel R. Amorim)
01 Nov 2016
Soil Microbes Diversity and Soil Function
(Editor: Raymon Shange)
30 Jul 2016 1
Soil Quality and Ecosystem
(Editors: Martin Romantschuk, Janice E. Thies)
31 Aug 2012 5
Tropical Forests Ecology and Climate Change
(Editor: Lee A. Dyer)
15 Nov 2012 5
Tropical Marine Biodiversity
(Editor: Rupert Ormond)
30 Mar 2017
Use of Molecular Markers in Genetic Diversity Research
(Editor: Mario A. Pagnotta)
31 Jan 2014 8

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